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Hole in the Wall Paintball ~ Bangor, Michigan (Southwest Michigan)


Hole in the Wall Paintball
Address: 24262 66th Street, Bangor, Michigan 49013
Phone Number: (269) 353-2978
Website/Facebook Page:

Photo Album 1: (Op: Firestorm V)
Photo Album 2: (MiA Spring Rec. Event 2013)
Photo Album 3: (Op: Black Eagle V)
Photo Album 4: (Op: Perestroika)
Photo Album 5: (Spring Social 2017)

Years Active: 2001 to Present.
Airsoft, Paintball, or Both: Both.
Airsoft Game Types Hosted: Recreational, Scenario, and Milsim.
Indoor or Outdoor: Outdoor.
Total Fields: 4 Seperate Areas. Deadwood (Western Town), Heartbreak Ridge (Military Themed), Speedball/Hyperball, and Bing Mao Basin (Large Scale/Airsoft). May be merged together for large events.
Price Range: $10.00 to $30.00 Per Person (Varies based on event and game type). Cash Only!
Parking Lot: Yes.
Electrical Outlets and/or HPA Fill Station: Both.
On-Site Camping: Yes, for large events only (seasonal).

Field Rentals (Reservations) For Outside Events: Yes.
Airsoft Contact Person: John (Canto).


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