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Ive been using the facebook groups for events, but Id love to see something more organised here with descriptions and addresses of the fields. Is there a admin person that can get a hold of all the hosts and put them up here?

I don't know if anyone else has the time I don't;) But if you'd like the collect the information I'd be happy to either post it or give you the ability to do so;)


I plan to do something to that nature if I ever find the time.

Anyone know if matirx airsoft club is still in operation? or know of any outdoor fields/events in the metro detroit area?

@kjones734  would usually be the one to ask about Matrix if I recall. But for Metro detroit area, there is No Limits/Action Paintball in Taylor that usually has 1 game a month hosted by the Suicide Kings. Details usually on the MIA facebook page.

82nd Airborne should be hosting more games as the season is coming up in Highland.

Futureball and Hells Survivors also cater to airsoft, though I'm not too aware of specific details at those locations.


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