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Author Topic: Encryption  (Read 13360 times)


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« on: August 10, 2017, 12:28:31 PM »
So I enabled encryption across the site, for logins etc. So you should notice a little lock in the corner indicating that it's running when logging in and whatnot. You may also notice it shows "https://miairsoft.org" rather than "http://miairsoft.org". This just shows that it's working. If anyone notices problems with anything not working or issues from this change please feel free to shoot me a PM happy to take a look and get it fixed.

Take care!


EDIT: Some may have noticed as well it was up and down for a few minutes while I pushed all the chat stuff through SSL as well. It should be all up and running now without issues. If you have any issues make sure to refresh the site and make sure you've got a current version before reporting. Since it could just be cached pages. But otherwise shoot me a note if you have any troubles.
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