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Author Topic: UP Airsoft Channing MI - OP Sunset  (Read 20276 times)


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UP Airsoft Channing MI - OP Sunset
« on: June 20, 2016, 05:34:46 PM »
LOCATION: UP Airsoft Channing MI

WHEN: 07/16/2016 10AM-6PM CST
MAP: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Adams+Holsters/@46.2082177,-88.0897517,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x4d518023f687487b:0xe1b8c96a8873771c

Facebook link to event: https://www.facebook.com/events/149711772114274/

Expected player count: 15-30


Operation Sunset
Specified players are medics, 1 medic respawns before going to mobile/master respawn, then repeat cycle. Once shot a teammate needs to get to the down person, place there hand on their shoulder or other body part IE foot etc. then count off twenty slowly. Once a twenty count is reached then both players are up and active again. If contact is lost with the shoulder or counting is interrupted then they need to start over again from one. For example if your reviving a player and you take fire and decide to return fire then you’ll need to start at one again to revive them. The person shot can decide if they want to call for a medic or just return to the respawn based on the number of players around. So if you get shot and you're behind enemy lines, or just a long distance from any teammates you can elect to just return to the master/mobile respawn.
RADIOS: There will be team designated channels, as well as an admin/staff channel, and an emergency medical channel. If there is a medical emergency all gameplay stops and it’s expected for everyone to relay that to the other players in their area. Leaders for each team are expected to have radios to be able to communicate with command and keep the game running as expected.
• 1 - 349 fps - Arms length engagement limit
• 350 - 400 fps - 20 foot engagement limit
• 400 - 549 fps – 50 foot engagement limit, bolt action or permanent* semi-auto replicas only
• 550+ fps - Prohibited or allowed with permission of event organizer only
*Permanent semi-auto refers to replicas that do not have full-auto fire capability, no matter how the selector switch or other user input device is manipulated.
**The FPS rules for my games will be lenient for players who have shown good judgement etc. Exceptions can be made for certain people and guns, but I do reserve the right to not allow guns if guys are using them in some way that doesn’t make sense. End of the day we’re out there to have fun and not hurt people, so that’s the goal.
The spark that ignited the American Revolution was a supposed three percent of the population of America who decided to begin a revolution for freedom. Two Hundred and forty years later facing another tyrannical government which had gone off the rails many years before the descendants of those original Founding Fathers of America began their own Revolution.
Thomas Jefferson – “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”
It all began appropriately enough on July 4th 2016 with the celebration of the “independence” of the United States. A group of approximately three percent of the population of the United States rose up to fight against the oppression of the government. The taxation of alcohol recently tripling the existing tax was still smoldering, as well as the government's response to those who illegally bootlegged alcohol across the country. Their response was so brutal and heavy handed that it brought even citizens who would have normally stood by on board with outright insurrection of the current government. The loyalists to the existing government come from all sorts of places, their ranks are full of folks who would either like to avoid the bloodshed caused by an outright guerilla war on the United States, or people who are loyal to the goals put forth by the current administration. The Patriots on the other hand are formed of citizens who feel the need for freedom from oppression, after seeing people murdered in the streets for simply not following the new government directives. They also saw that the current Republic had become more and more about mob rule, and who could buy favors to get their own will imposed on as many people as possible. These Patriots also saw elections bought and sold, to impose the will of rulers and politicians on the good people of the United States.
So they rose up, they fired the first shot which ignited a firestorm which is still blazing strong today. The killed a UN contingent of soldiers who were enforcing the alcohol regulations, and once word of that attack reached the leaders of the United States the real bloodshed began. There were multiple attacks, and despite many successful missions completed by the Patriots to destroy infrastructure of the United States Military. There are still a large number of UN soldiers loyal to the President and his cabinet despite the outright desertion of most of the United States standing military.
After the destruction or decommissioning of most of the large scale weapons of war, this has become again a fight much like our forefathers fought with the British. There are fewer horses and more automobiles but the premise is the same. It is house to house fighting with small arms in the worst conditions, turning family members against one another and we hope and pray that Jefferson was correct and that the bloodshed here will lead us once again on the path to Liberty.
The Loyalists along with the UN troops won the first round, there isn’t any other way to explain the pure destruction of the majority of the Patriot strongholds. That said that bloodshed brought even more strength to the Patriots in the form of even more citizens throwing themselves into the fight for Liberty. The Patriots are spread through the population, but there are also groups forming within the vast wilderness of the United States, on open land, private land. They are preparing to bring the fight to the enemy and setting up bases where they can lead their attacks and to allow protection of Patriots who aren’t on the front lines, support as well as infrastructure personnel.

The Loyalists are trying to form a preemptive strike against a reported base deep in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The location has such dense tree cover that satellites are useless and they are somehow intercepting and hijacking their signals to keep themselves hidden. So the job falls to the Loyalists and UN on the ground to be able to route out the Patriots, discover their base and bring back any intelligence they can about enemy plans and troop movements.

Secondary Objective is to destroy as much equipment and personnel as possible to weaken their fighting strength.
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Re: OP Sunset
« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2016, 03:22:33 PM »
Hi I'm. New I live in cheboygan Michigan I was wondering if you know any close airsoft games