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Author Topic: Op: Swift Justice II October 21-23rd Graniteville, SC / OLMCSS EVENT  (Read 24682 times)


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Hey boys,

Piper from Immortal Airsoft here. I was hoping that some of my OG buddies are still around potentially playing the game still.

I am CO of the green team at OP: Swift Justice 2 in Graniteville, South Carolina on October 21-23 2022.

We have been active playing all over the country the last few years, but haven't played with any of the ol' school MIA brethren since 2016 or so at the steel mill in trenton, mi.

I would love it if some of you would make the pilgrimage to SC and help support your boy for good ol times sake and smash the tan team. We used to decimate OHIO as a large michigan force at the steel mill when we went and at a few of the other events in ohio like muskautuck and the JUCO facility back in 15.

It would be excellent to roll with some of you again.

Get ahold of me if any of you are interested in joining me.