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Author Topic: Event Submissions and General Information  (Read 9204 times)


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Event Submissions and General Information
« on: March 12, 2015, 05:28:53 PM »
CREDIT goes to THOR for creating the original thread: http://miairsoft.proboards.com/thread/24640/event-submissions-general-information

We're going to try a new system for posting up official events.

From now on any event host that needs his event posted can create an event thread in the Event Planning section for their event. If it is approved it will be moved to the Airsoft Events section.

Any event posted that does not meet MIA standards will be locked and/or deleted if either the host does not change to meet our safety requirements or if we do not decide to allow it as is.

Any event that I personally lock will have the event information deleted and replaced with an explanation of why the event was removed/denied. I assume the other mods will follow a similar MO.

If your event does not get locked and is not moved shortly after you post it, PM one of the Event Moderators (Canto, Thor, Kustom, Wildcard, etc), an active Global Moderator or an Administrator and it will be moved promptly.

The goal of this change is to facilitate the easier posting of events and to help ensure that the person hosting the event is the person being contacted, as there have been issues with people thinking that the Mod who posted the event is necessarily running or involved with the event. This way, whoever is hosting it will be the initial poster, making the point of contact much easier to determine.

All events must be given a code, displayed in the subject of each thread:

REC - Recreational Game.
SCN - Scenario Event.
MIL - Military Simulation Event.
HYB - Hybrid type events blending recreational, scenario, and stricter military simulation regulations.

This is the responsibility of the Event Host/Event Poster. If an event in the Event Planning section does not have this code at the beginning of the subject line, it will be locked on sight.

*NOTE: This is only for Rec games and Events, not for inviting people to your backyard game or whatnot. Only post serious events here, or they will be removed wicked fast.
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