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Title: TM VS JG BAR-10
Post by: Puma1 on September 22, 2015, 11:24:48 PM
I've taken a look around Airsoft sniper forums many words on this topic and I still have a couple of questions.  I know that the JG and TM Bar-10's are pretty much 100% identical as far as aftermarket parts go.  I have an Action Army trigger group on the way as I type this. 

My real questions is this:  Is there any substantial difference between the two externally or anything minor that I should know before buying one or the other?

To those of you who have handled both, which did you like better?

Lastly, for those of you who have upgraded the TM...  Which parts did you leave in the gun?  I plan to leave the TM hop up (And grab a dangerwerx arm).  Is there anything else you would typically leave in a TM?

Title: Re: TM VS JG BAR-10
Post by: luke213 on September 23, 2015, 08:38:11 PM
I typed up a response on the phone but apparently it didn't show up;)

I haven't handled the JG version only TM since that's what I've got. From what I've heard the only real difference is the quality of the stock, TM being better. Though that said most people replace nearly the entire internals so hard to say there. On my TM build I did it as a budget build, I already owned the gun from when I had more money to spend. So with my build I put in an rhop, upgraded the sears, spring, and probably a few minor things I'm forgetting as well as some DIY mods. That has given me a reliable gun that shoots well at 100 yards fairly accurately and goes further than that but the accuracy suffers. That said I'm not sure how much would be gained by replacing things like the hopup chamber etc. I don't have any curve issues or the like that people typically complain about with the stock hopup chamber. So my gun is almost stock internally, though I intend to upgrade things as they fail, though it looks like that might be a ways out yet. Right now I've shot around 8,000 rounds through it with the way it's setup with no issues to speak of other than minor tuning. Piston is stock, still looks good and it's a 45 degree setup with SHS sears. I can't say if the JG would hold up to the same abuse lacking a better term as my TM has, hell I can't say if new TM guns will do it. Mine is around 10 years old now, but it's handled things just fine despite the horror stories;)

On the chamber I've read really good things about the AA Chamber but I haven't seen it in person, I suspect that will be my next upgrade sometime in the future just because everyone raves about it, must be something to it. When the piston fails I'll replace that but I'll likely stick with the 45 degree system rather than going to a 90 degree setup. Despite all the complaints my trigger isn't bad on the 45 degree setup even running a PDI 270(from memory, setup runs around 550fps).

So that's my experience, I had to see how long the stock parts last and so far I expected things to fail by now but they are still going strong. Last I had it apart maybe 1000 rounds ago, everything still looked perfect without any additional wear to speak of. So who knows how long it will go but I'd say unless your unlucky pretty long;)

Title: Re: TM VS JG BAR-10
Post by: Puma1 on September 23, 2015, 09:00:55 PM
This gun is going to be one of those long term "i need a break from life so I'm going to go tinker with something" builds.

The Action Army set was the first thing I got simply because my first experiences with sniper rifles using stock triggers and sears went fairly horribly. (3 shots before a game at no limits my sear gave out.  Enter Crosman Pulse).

The trigger group costs just about as much as the JG Rifle itself but the common consensus is that they can hit 75,000 + rounds without needing to be replaced.

As far as the TM goes, which style do you have?
Title: Re: TM VS JG BAR-10
Post by: luke213 on September 23, 2015, 09:04:30 PM
I've got the G-spec, picked it up from a guy down in lower Michigan that was selling guns as a sideline years ago. Probably within the first 3-4 months of the gun hitting the market I picked it up. I don't really know how the stock sears in the TM would have held up I swapped them out immediately with the first spring upgrade. I will say though I've run several springs, most have sucked. Worse than my experience with bargain brand AEG springs. The PDI has been great, I'd recommend it fully and if I build another bolt gun it's gonna have a PDI spring. I wasted more money on junk springs that lost huge amounts of FPS in short order that I could have just bought the PDI to start and saved headaches.

I do agree long term it's likely something will fail, but right now I'm mostly curious to see how long it takes and how many rounds I get before then:) I've got a spare set of sears I bought at the time since they were cheap, but so far no need.

Title: Re: TM VS JG BAR-10
Post by: Guts and Glory on October 28, 2015, 05:06:58 PM
I suppose another thought process is whether or not for either brand you can find one cheaply with some of the parts you want in it already.  I've wanted a bone stock TM GSPEC for some time, but trying to find a shop that stocks one stateside is equivalent to banging my head against the wall.  You'll see more complete builds/part outs for sale I feel, and the boneyard ones on various eshops could be a swing or miss.

Title: Re: TM VS JG BAR-10
Post by: luke213 on October 28, 2015, 05:11:35 PM
Just a note on something related to this topic I came across the other day. TM apparently changed their cylinder back a little while ago and crimped the end of the freaking things. So now rather than just drilling out the pin, and putting a new spring in etc. You need a new cylinder. You might be able to remove the cylinder head, but I haven't seen one in person nor have I heard of anyone having much luck taking the new ones apart.

So at least in my head that's a significant knock against the TM despite how much I love mine, especially bang for the buck with my build. But I'm thinking based on that, if I was replacing nearly everything then I'd likely go with the JG or something else as the platform(likely the JG).

Title: Re: TM VS JG BAR-10
Post by: Puma1 on October 30, 2015, 12:10:42 AM
I hadn't heard about the cylinder, thanks for the heads up.  Also, Guts, Evike has them.
Title: Re: TM VS JG BAR-10
Post by: luke213 on October 30, 2015, 02:33:12 AM
I just happened across the info on another forum and looked it up to confirm which really is unfortunate since if it wasn't crimped it really isn't hard to upgrade the way I did.


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