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I have 5 airsoft guns for sale.  I am looking to get back into the sport over the coming months but looking to sell most current guns and replace them with close clones of my real steel guns for better training carry over.  The guns for sale are:

1.  $90 - Tokyo Marui VSR10-Gpec with scope.  DIY camo painted barely used as this was 1 of 2 I owned and this one remained completely stock other than paint.

2.  $100 - Tokyo Marui Sig 552 AEG.  Does not come with battery(using in my other gun) but does include 4 standard mags and 1 hi-cap wind up mag.  Been used in a few games but still in good condition and runs great.  Very accurate.

3. $90 - ICS MGL revolving grenade launcher.  Purchased as a prop for a short film and other than being held it is still brand new never fired in the original box and everything.  No shells as it did not come with any and was never intended for game use.

4. $60 - Tokyo Marui SPAS 12.  Fired a few times but never saw any gameplay use.  Cannot find the shells but they are cheap.  Been more of a wall ornament instead of used.

5  $40 - Not sure of brand but it is a L96 sniper rifle that was stated at over 400 fps and I paid around $100 for it back when purchased.  Another prop gun that never saw game use.  Still in good condition with no scope just the rifle and mag.

I am in the Holland Area in West Michigan and can travel short trips like 20ish minute(busy work/family/school schedule currently) one way drives to meet up  or I can ship them.  The buyer will pay for shipping if they wish to have shipped.  Prices are priced very low as I am more interested in moving quickly.  616 217 8074 is best contact method.

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