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As far as I know all of these listed places are still active.  Headquarters Co in Shepherd, on last contact, is looking to sell but otherwise the calls I've made have all been answered.  I'll update based off of that list tonight.

UPDATE TIME!  I'm still around my friends just busy.  I am looking to keep this updated to keep this as a resource for the community.

 Hello everyone!  Today I am looking to sell off most of the items that I have left so that I can start a new kit.   No trades please!

PayPal only
Prices OBO.
Buying two items gets you free shipping.

Hello all!  I am trying to sell off some gear as well as my pistol. All of this is in quite good shape and is fully functional.

Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/F6KUuBc

WE MP: 65 ||
Mag holds gas, gun shoots well.  Some wear is noticeable.

This thing is in great shape. I bought it secondhand from a user on Reddit who said that it was very lightly used.  I havenít used it at all as I have been traveling and not playing Airsoft much.

CB hydro: 30 ||
Has paint on it from playing on a paintball field.  It should wash out but I have yet to try as I pay for each load of laundry in my apartment.  Otherwise itís in good shape.

Buy two, get free shipping.
Buy all three for 150 shipped.

Thank you for looking!  Please PM me with offers!

Iíll take that KC.  Iíll pm you.

« on: February 16, 2018, 03:50:39 PM »
I was about to pull the trigger on a new VFC Avalon when someone offered me one of the classic army MK 18 rifles currently being sold on airsoft GI for a better price.

Iíd like to save the $170 if I can so my question here is this: I know classic Army has improved recently however is it enough that they could be used for a primary without significant upgrade? I know they have a mosfet and a 6.03 barrel now but I donít know much about the other internals. Those of you who have experience with the new classic army line do you consider them good enough to have good longevity as well as performance or are they still middle tier at best?

Whatís your recommendation here?  Iím not finding a ton online so iím coming here to the place I trust most.

Hey guys, selling a brand new (and unused) Gen2 spartan in a G&P body with plenty of extras.
Paypal only
Line, tank, regulator and mags are all SOLD

Iíve found that just while being and kit and walking around the house that HPA isnít for me.  I really dislike carrying a tank around and I simply feel slowed down by the line.  Iíve put roughly 1000 in total to this build (The second Mk18 upper being a good amount of it), however Iíve never even filed the air tank or put rounds down range with the gun.  I bought the HPA set up from Amped less than a month and a half ago and I bought the G&P PDW less than a month ago.  The Mk18 upper is used, however the entire upper is in pretty darn good condition.

Onwards: To the sale!


Gen2 Wolverine Inferno Spartan: Brand new, unfired - 250
G&P Stock hop up and barrel unit (there is only one unit included in this sale)

Base is a G&P PDW with the new Marine Frog body. - 235
CTR Real steel stock with a missing buttplate.  This is a very tight fit and I can swap it out for the Stock G&P one which wobbled quite a bit. - 45
I can swap back the Charging handle which is currently installed on the Mk18.  Alternatively, Iíll add a discount to  pick up another.

Mk18 upper:
G&P upper - 50
Mk18 9.5Ē rail in black - 130
10.5Ē M4 barrel - 30
MK18 Flash hider and suppressor combo - 100

Total: $1015

If youíre looking to buy it all Iím looking for 675$.  Iíll cover insurance and PayPal feels, youíll cover the shipping cost.  Thatís a savings of over $300.

Iím willing to part this package out in several ways:

The magazines, all 5 for sold

The Tank, regulator and line setup for SOLD

The Mk18 assembly (not parting individual pieces) for 190 shipped.

The HPA rifle without the tank/reg/line or mk18 upper for 390 shipped.

These prices are OBO within reason.  I can take more photos if requested.  Iím motivated to sell but Iím not an idiot.  Shoot me a PM and we can probably work something out.

I'm not looking for any trades in particular.  An Air rig with a small, lightweight tank would be ideal.

Michigan Commerce - Airsoft Guns Allowed / Re: WTS: Kc02 stuff + m9 serpa
« on: February 26, 2017, 02:07:22 AM »
bump it up.  I'm willing to cut prices for Michigan guys

PayPal only - no trades please
My price is OBO, I'd probably be willing to work down a bit.

Hello guys!  Today I'm trying to sell a Full Metal TM m9.  The replica has no issues and has been taken very good care of.  The Guarder frame and slide look very good and have been sanded and polished in many places (internally) to make the action a lot smoother.  I am able to hit accurately a human sized target out to ~ 90 to 100ft with a little bit of arc.

Mechanical/firing issues: None

The outer barrel is the only "issue" with the replica.  The original TM barrel somehow or other (probably while moving to my school apartment) received a pretty decent gash in it that looked like crap and made the cycling less smooth.  I ended up taking this barrel (as you see it now) out of a Boneyard TM I purchased for parts.  I have not gotten around to cleaning it up ever since.  After the replica is purchased I would be willing to sand and semi-polish it all down to the silver underneath for no charge.  Alternatively, I'll drop $5 off of the price if you don't care.

The holster was acquired off of a person locally.
Mags (I think) were from Evike.

The parts list and what is included:

TM M9 w/ TM mag (140)
Guarder frame and slide set (120)
2 extra WE magazines (50)
Safariland holster with mounting methods (70)`
Hogue Grips (20)
Time spent making it smooth: Priceless

Total: $400 spent

I'm looking for $250 shipped OBO inside the USA.  PAYPAL ONLY - no trades please, I need money for Christmas presents.  The package will be shipped via USPS Flat rate sometime this week if bought soon.  I will also do payment plans for 125/week.

Thank you and please let me know if you have any questions.

Off Topic / Exams are coming.
« on: December 06, 2016, 04:35:14 AM »
I know there are a lot of us on this forum who will be battling with our attention spans and need for sleep to study an entire semesters worth of material in a couple nights time.  We can do it!

Good luck to everyone.  And let's kick some ass.

Michigan Commerce - Airsoft Guns Allowed / Re: WTS: Krytac CRB Mk1
« on: November 01, 2016, 08:24:46 PM »
bump.  buy this.

The Gallery / Re: Post Your AR Variants
« on: October 24, 2016, 11:26:04 PM »
That is a very clean looking gat.  10/10 would fondle.

AEG / Midwest Industries AEG Fitment.
« on: October 17, 2016, 12:00:36 AM »
Hey guys.  I went out shooting with a good friend of mine this weekend and fairly quickly fell in love with the rail he had on his AR - a Midwest Industries M-lok rail. 

I'm interested in finding out if a RS rail (in this case, a 12" or 15" midwest industries M-lok) would be compatible with my Krytac upper.

I'll be building an AR for myself after I'm done with my undergrad programs that the rail will eventually end up on.

However, the question I'm hoping someone on here can answer is will it be compatible?  Can a RS rail be placed on an AEG or will there be a whole bunch of mating issues?  I've heard of RS rails fitting GBB's and select AEG's, but I want to be sure before buying a ~ $200 rail.

Thank you in advance!

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