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Author Topic: UP Airsoft Events  (Read 5964 times)


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UP Airsoft Events
« on: September 23, 2017, 07:11:26 PM »
So events in this section occur within the UP. If you're not familiar with the area and airsoft scene be aware it's quite a bit smaller than what you're accustomed to in lower Michigan. Most of the fields are privately owned, and are not "for profit" type of businesses. As such the events are typically smaller(though MTU's games do sometimes draw quite a few guys in the 50+ player range).

Generally though games posted in this section as of writing this are fairly small 15-30 player games. It's unlikely that it's worth guys traveling up to our games unless you happen to be in the area and would like to play. Or are planning a trip and would like to stop by. Either way you're more than welcome to contact the host and get more information or around what the current player count is etc. But if you're planning to travel please contact the host before to insure it's worth the trip.

I'm not knocking our games here at all, but I want realistic expectations for those who might be interested in attending. Typically it's all local players that are traveling between 30-200 miles for these types of games. Overall though it's a far smaller community of players though some of us with allot of long term experience as well.

Also since I organize UP Airsoft's Facebook group which is where most of the individual fields and teams are organized, if you've got a particular question about a game, field, or the state of the community in the UP. Feel free to contact me here or where ever I'm pretty easy to get ahold of and happy to help whenever I can.

Take care!

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