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Author Topic: MIA COMMERCE RESPONSIBILITY AND INFO - Please read before buying or selling  (Read 7707 times)


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So I've gotten a few comments over the years about guys scamming or people not holding up their end of the deal. Now I'm not saying all sellers or buyers are bad certainly not the case. But anyone involved in any hobby buying and selling has at some point likely encountered someone who didn't hold up their end of the bargain.

First and foremost it's not MIA selling, it's individuals. We can't control effectively who uses this area, so if someone posts something for sale someone on staff may know that person but more often than not we don't. And since the platform as a whole is far less active than it was in the past there is little way to know the guys selling. As a buyer or seller it's your responsibility to protect yourself and do your best to check into guys. But at the end of the day there is always an element of risk to buying and selling and by using this you assume that risk.

Second, use paypal when possible DO NOT USE FRIENDS AND FAMILY, honestly I know guys don't want to pay the fees etc. But if you use Friends and Family you get ZERO paypal protection. Is it fine most of the time yeah, until it isn't. I've had guys I trusted fail to deliver using friends and family I have zero need to ever use it again when buying something and I'd highly recommend you not using it either.

Third, if possible meet up in person to be able to look over the gun. In almost all cases I've bought a used airsoft gun something has been wrong that wasn't disclosed. Sometimes the guy knew, sometimes he didn't have the experience to know, and who knows what accounts for the other times. But being able to check out the gun/gear in person solves that problem. Also if possible go somewhere you can see it shoot and hear the mechbox if applicable etc. If you can't then take a note from the guys online who show a video of the gun functioning, then you can hear, and see some more things than pictures will show you.

Last but not least if a deal sounds too good to be true then please exercise additional caution. I know everyone wants a deal but just like you're unlikely to "get a million dollars by filling out a facebook quiz" it's highly unlikely you'll see an $800 gun for $100 in perfect working order. I'm not saying it doens't happen, but it's infrequent so if you see a good deal put up your shields a little harder to insure you're protected. And keep in mind while we all enjoy the hobby at the end of the day look out for yourself as no one else will, it's your responsibility to try and insure things go well.

If you've got any questions feel free to shoot me a note.

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