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This is the sell down ladies and gentleman. I am leaving the sport for now. Life just has too many demands these days and unfortunately airsoft isn't going to make the cut. I may return one day when I can introduce it to my sons, but until then I would like my equipment to get used. I have taken a lot of pride in my builds and maintenance, and I hope to find some buyers to appreciate it as well.

I am a collector and I enjoy tinkering and building. Take a look! I add new things regularly and I monitor the thread often. Thanks for looking!

[7/09/18] Updates. Some prices lowered. TTW, WTB, WTTF added.
[7/19/18] Updates. New items added. New photos for VFC build.
[8/03/18] Updates. Some prices lowered.
[10/07/18] Updated. Removed custom build. Added Avalon Saber. Rare Magpul stocks added.
[10/23/18] Updated. Several items sold. Added new items.
[12/28/18] Updates. Some prices changed. Make an offer!
[1/15/19] Updates.
[2/11/19] Updates. Make an offer!
[2/20/19] Updates.
[3/13/19] Updates. Added Nemesis and JPCs. Make an offer!
[3/20/19] Updates. First day of spring!
[4/01/19] ME-14 Price reduced
[4/17/19] FIRE SALE!! Limited time! Need to move some stuff. Local pickup preferred.
[4/20/19] Fire Sale concluded. Thanks to everyone that made a deal during this time! Thread updates.
[4/24/19] Additional items sold. Updated.
[4/28/19] Additional items sold. Cleared out of AEGs and other guns for the moment. Will post more miscellaneous items in the coming days.
[6/21/19] Happy summer! Updated and added PTW.
[7/24/19] Systema TW5 Sold. No more replicas for sale at the moment.
[7/27/20] Thread update.
[1/16/22] Thread updates. Posting replicas as I am reducing the collection to the essentials as I prepare for an extended hiatus from the hobby.

Prices are or best offer. Will bundle items to make a deal.

Located in southeastern Oakland county. I prefer to do business in person. Shipping quotes available upon request and are not included in pricing. PayPal and Venmo accepted, prices subject to adjustment for transaction fees.

See something you like, don't like the price? Make an offer.

NOTE: At this time items being offered as packages will not be parted out.


Classic Army Nemesis MK18 with SRU-BUP-AR kit. $340

Includes battle rifle extension, extended outer barrel, and Falkor blast-cap muzzle device. AEG is all stock, wired to deans. Includes all original MK18 furniture, plus box.

Silverback SRS A1 22?(2018) package. $460.

Includes tactical pull knob, spare 110N spring, .338 compensator with suppressor, five magazines, UTG Recon Flex bipod, rail segments and hardware. RIS tapped for direct bipod mounting. Internally stock, needs air seal work. Includes original box.

Tokyo Marui AA-12 with drum magazine. $360

Includes original sledgehammer magazine. All stock, no box.

Classic Army Nemesis X9 package. $300

Includes four magazines, Ares minimalist stock, Noveske KX5 tracer unit, Magpul MVG, Trinity Force Mlok panels, read QD sling mount, and repro MBUS. Will include original stock, BUIS, and box. Wired to deans, internally stock.

Classic Arm PXG9 Custom pistol. $220

Super fun! Includes modified Ares Amoeba CCC grip with custom barrel nut, recessed suppressor with extra short outer barrel, APS patriot stock, and sling plate. Includes four magazines, original furniture, and barrel. Because airsoft.  Internally stock, wired to Tamiya.

Avatar Grenade, set of two. $120

Works great.

AI Cyclone grenades, set of three. $80

Worked well when last used, will probably need some greasing. Includes two spare spoons, three spare pins, extra labels, and oil.

Helix Trident Mock Silencer Bronze

14mm CCW threaded.


APS EVO Keymod Rail

Good condition, some paint wear on barrel nut, but still works perfectly. Includes 3 rail segments and mounting hardware.


Folding Front Sight Gas Block -King Arms


Ares Amoeba Grip

Never used.


Hakkatsu Endurance Grip


Crane Stock, King Arms

$5 (free with $20 or more purchase, please request)

Classic Army Metal Hicap set, Gray

Condition not guaranteed, could use new guts.

$20 for all.

Firepower JPC size Medium in OD (BNIB)

Brand new. One available, one sold.


Phantom Gear Aggressor Pouches, Coyote

Triple $10
Single $5 each
$20 takes all.

VISM Weapon Scabbard, Coyote or ACU

Comes with MOLLE straps for mounting.


AIM Sports Flashlight Grip

Uses 2xCR123, not included. Not sure of exact output, probably 4-500lm.

$20 (one left)

UTG “Bug Buster” Variable Brightness Red/Green Dot. (30mm)


Systema TW5 Package

Classic Army Nemesis ME14

King Arms Sig Sauer 516 Patrolman PDW

VFC Avalon Calibur Carbine in Bronze 

VFC Avalon Saber Carbine in Bronze

Classic Army Scarab RAC

Krytac Trident CRB MKII

G&P M203 RIS Mounted Grenade Launcher

ICS Milkor MGL

Cyma M870 Full Metal, Full Stock Custom

Elite Force Glock 19 GBB

Magpul PTS UBR AEG Version

Sig Sauer 516 Patrolman body set

Sig Sauer RIS, made by King Arms

Gate Titan Front Wired Full Kit

PRI Type Handguard, made by King Arms

Additional items coming soon.

Thanks for looking!

Thread updated.

Is the Glock full auto?

No it is not. It is the new Licensed Glock 19 from Elite Force.

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Bump. Thread up to date, all messages responded to.


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