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Tech Questions / Re: Socom gear kel Tech PLR16
« on: June 27, 2021, 06:10:17 PM »
The video is for the real steel equivalent, but as its a gas blowback, it should be somewhat useful for getting into it.

Bump, Arcturus AK added

AEG / Re: Arcturus AK04
« on: April 01, 2020, 02:01:33 PM »
Review is incomplete atm. Havent had time(moreso motivation) to get to the barrel assembly yet.
But I have been seeing some questionable QC items, such as the top gas tube lock being rather loose, the selector being loose (both of which can be solved with a slight bend), a "rivet" falling out(receiver aesthetic), and the trunion being loose(just tighten the set screws).

I was going to add more thoughts like that in my OP at the end once I was done with my overview, but again, lacking motivation.

Though, so far, unless you really like all the features/externals on the Arcturus, I would probably still go the route of a stamped CYMA for less money.

Again, I haven't shot it much if at all, definitely haven't used it in game yet. Was very hopeful for it, but honestly a little disappointed on some things.

AEG / Arcturus AK04
« on: March 29, 2020, 10:21:32 AM »
Todays review is of a (pretty much new, but) used Arcturus AK04.

Starts off in a pretty plain looking cardboard box with the logo and slogan.

Open the box up to find a ziploc bag with the owners manual, quality control/testing sheet and Arcturus PVC patch.

Under the top layer of foam, you find the gun, magazine,(supposed to be 1 midcap AND 1 high cap. Having gotten it used, I only got the highcap), a set of polymer back up sights and an unjamming/cleaning rod under the gun.

Starting at the rear, it features a minimalist M.F.T.-esk style stock which has textured rubber butt pad and QD swivel mounts, one on each side. That, on a 6 position buffer tube with a ring type sling mount at the base of the receiver.

The receiver is steel with a traditional side optics rail already mounted, as well as an aluminum railed dust cover.

The selector plate has an extra tab for easier manipulation with your trigger finger.
The pistol grip is polymer, reminiscent of a PTS grip, with a texture on the front and back.

In the trigger guard, there is a small nub that allows access to a spring detention feature.
In front of the trigger guard is a polymer flared Magwell.

Inside the magwell, it has been blocked off to prevent improper magazine insertion.

Up front it rocks a slim, lightweight aluminum M Lok rail system with rails the full length on top and bottom, and 4 M Lok slots on each side.
Threaded to 14mm counterclockwise threads.

Opening it up, the microswitch gearbox has a quick change ball bearing spring guide with a slot for a flat head or coin.
The motor has ferrite magnets and a D type arm/pinion.

On the right side you can see the selector plate parts and a cover for the Ares-esk microswitch trigger design.

On the left side you see the anti reversal latch /spring detention lever, again with a design reminiscent of Ares design.

Inside the gearbox, everything but the trigger trolley and microswitch are standard TM compatible parts, including the cutoff lever and trigger.

It features 8mm bushings on sector and spur, 8mm bearings on the bevel. A sector chip. A full metal tooth piston, with an 8 port poly piston head with bearings. A 3/4 port cylinder with a single O ring polymer cylinder head and a 21.15mm polymer O ring nozzle.

The gears are shimmed pretty well, just a touch on the looser side. And everything that should be greased or lubed looks to be done so with an adequate amount.

The barrel is 380mm, around 6.02ish diameter (per my cheap caliper), made of steel, and has a pretty rough inner bore finish. Definitely a mirror finish. The hop up unit is metal with a plastic arm with numbering for adjustment. Standard cylinder nub, bucking has a normal mound, no split or special shape. Bucking is on the harder durometer side for a stock bucking in my opinion, my guess around 70-75. And the barrel clip is more akin to standard M4 as opposed to the traditional AK shape. It has a ridge to help lock in the barrel from rotating. The whole barrel system fits well together, nice and snug, just not an ideal barrel quality.

Thoughts & Opinions:
I must admit, I had high hopes for these guns, and while I only have a sample size of 1, its easiest to say it wasn't quite entirely what I was expecting.
Overall external quality was decent. Seems maybe a touch heavier than it should be, but that might just be me. It's solid, so long as everything is tightened down. Keeping in mind I got this one second hand, there were a few loose items:
-The buffer tube could twist a tiny bit but nothing an AR wrench couldn't fix.
-It had the usual sloppy/loose external AK selector plate, which tightens up nicely with a slight bend. Snaps into positions nicely now.
-The 2 grub screws in the trunnion were slightly loose, and in turn the barrel and front half of the gun had a tiny bit of play. The handguard was solid to the outer barrel, just loose to the receiver. Tightening the grub screws was all it needed.
-The upper handguard/gas tube lever was loose and didn't stay in its proper spot. It doesn't have any tension from the gas tube to give it friction as the upper handguard is secured to the lower handguard. Just to keep it in position, I bent that inward a touch as well and seems to be holding ok now.
-As I was disassembling the gun for the review, one of the studs/"rivets" popped out. They seem to be held in place by either glue or being splayed outward from the inside of the receiver.
-Lastly, some of the screws for the end cap of the railed dust cover were sorta loose or misaligned, resulting in the part that the button holds it in place being difficult to put back down.
And for the polymer back up sights it came with, due to the dust cover and the top handguard not being the same height, you either have to put both on the dust cover or the handguard, not one on each, at least in a functionality standpoint.
The buffer tube is attached like a real buffer tube, so if you wanted to rewire it through the buffer tube you could, but you would have to either route the wires through the small hole at the end, or cut out the area so you can access the space.

Internally I guess I was expecting something else, but really shouldn't complain, being that it is a stock gun. It has a lot of nice features, the spring detent, the microswitch, the quick change bearing spring guide, etc. I was hoping for some XYT or akin to E&L type more robust gears. Time will tell how the stock gears hold up. I expect those to be the weak point of the system currently. As always, even a basic mosfet would be nice. A neomagnet motor would be nice. Deans/T plugs out of the box would be nice. The trigger response isn't anything special in its current format, but it's not bad.

AEG / (Internals) King Arms Colt Licensed MK18
« on: March 13, 2020, 08:58:58 PM »
Thought I would share my thoughts on a gun I recently had the opportunity to work on. It was a repair as opposed to a build/upgrade, so all internal parts pictured are stock.

The repair, sample size 1 so far, was that the back of the gearbox shell broke where the quick change spring guide rests against, ultimately causing the spring guide to lean, and lock the piston and spring all in one.

But on to the internals:

As mentioned above, it is a quick change spring system, which is accessible without having to remove the gearbox. Just remove the buffer tube screw and washer, remove the buffer tube, and you have access to the 90degree quick change spring guide. This is akin to many of King Arms newer offerings.

The quick change spring guide has ball bearings, looks to be made of pretty solid materials and thus has little/no need for any upgrade in that department later on.
It has clear insulation wiring, with a small basic mosfet fairly close to the back of the gearbox.
The motor was a King Arms HQA series, featuring Neodymium magnets, a helical motor arm, D type pinion, vented can, and a CNCed aluminum endbell.

Then finally inside the gearbox, it has:

-SHS-esk 18:1 gears, with a tappet delay chip, shimming being somewhat loose
-8mm bearings
-full metal tooth rack piston
-polymer ported piston head(can't say if POM or other)
-brass 3/4 ported cylinder
-red King Arms tappet
The 8mm QC gearbox itself has the old styling of "reinforcement" of added material around the gears, which would render lower ratios to require heavy modification for installation. (Aside from Seigetek low ratios)
The rest of the parts aren't much different from other standard AEGs.

The fix I landed on for this specific guns misfortune was to just drop a small chunk of metal as a shim so the QC spring guide had something the be tightened up against when installing the buffer tube. Not ideal, but a lot quicker and cheaper than having to transfer all of the parts to a new gearbox shell.

Tech Questions / Maxx Hop Up in KWA VM4
« on: March 13, 2020, 08:22:43 PM »
I've been meaning to make some tech write ups on some things I've been working on, more or less just to have the info in one spot, accessible, and organized to some degree. As well, to potentially answer questions on compatibility that others might be wondering.

So for this post, I was tasked with installing an aftermarket hop up unit into a KWA VM4A1 with the AEG2.5 gearbox. Owner originally wanted a Prowin installed, but due to the design of the receiver, there isn't room for the tall top portion on the Prowin unit. The stock KWA unit has a very low profile top area, where the arm is. For the Prowin to be installed, it would require a fair amount of modification to the upper receiver above the base of the outer barrel for it to fit.

The Maxx ME-PRO hop up unit fits down the outer barrel and in the receiver without and modifications to either.

Modifications needed:
-You will need to grind the ridge on the top of the proprietary nozzle flush with the rest of the nozzle for full movement within the hop up unit.

-As well for the bb release tab, about 1mm or so needs to be ground away from the bottom of the gearbox shell towards the front.
(without this material removed, magazines are difficult to lock in and cause a compression loss. This build, shooting 410 properly, was shooting 230-250)

And just some other reference to parts in the build, as its all working smooth now:
-Maxx ME-PRO hop up unit(w/o barrel spring)
-Maple Leaf 370mm barrel
-Modify Soft Flat hop bucking
Everything else is currently stock on the gun.

NOTE: This is only for the M4 models, not the QRF MODS, TK.45s or other non 556 models. The pistol caliber models all have proprietary hop up units to each design.

Bump, want those stuff gone. Looking for .20g Chrono BBS.

Michigan Commerce - Airsoft Guns Allowed / Re: WTS clearing out
« on: August 24, 2019, 03:48:15 PM »
Bump, pics added

Michigan Commerce - Airsoft Guns Allowed / Re: WTS clearing out
« on: July 30, 2019, 03:52:43 PM »
Bump, price drops. Pics to be added soon of some items.

PM sent

The Gallery / Re: T6's Collection Thread
« on: May 30, 2019, 11:12:00 PM »
Its been a while and my collection has varied a bit since then. Probably the biggest change has been along the PCC/9mm line.

Will be a bit before I post some updated complete collection pics. I have been trying to slim my collection down m, so there will be fewer (complete functional guns at least).

AEG / Re: E&L AK
« on: May 07, 2019, 08:46:33 AM »
Yes, tolerances in the selector system can be wonky on AKs at times, and not just specific to E&Ls bit AKs in general can have the issue.

Tech Questions / Re: MP5 Feeding issues
« on: April 23, 2019, 10:24:10 PM »
Galaxy mp5s weren't known for their quality. I would pull the barrel assembly out and inspect the bucking. Clean the barrel. I wouldn't put it past the high cap to garbage, would also be good to inspect the gearbox/compression internals.

Michigan Commerce - Airsoft Guns Allowed / Re: WTB: PBS-1 replica
« on: April 18, 2019, 12:15:48 AM »
I don't suppose you would be interested in a PBS-4 would you?

AEG / Re: PCCs
« on: April 18, 2019, 12:12:46 AM »
Its nice that the mags are cross compatible between the ARP9 and the X9. But yeah, stock battery space on the ARP sucks, and isn't much better with the extension. Hence why I immediately started playing around with the other stock options I had, and settled on the stubby full stock.

True, the ARP isn't as friendcly when it comes to spring changes, but that's not really a make or break for me.

Still have yet to run it, but I'm using it in place of my originr MP5 build with the same intent. The platform just seems more comfortable and serviceable. And I must say, I am thoroughly impressed with G&Gs newer compression systems/components.

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