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Author Topic: 2016-17 SOBR Kit (WAS 901, Bagariy, ACH)  (Read 3047 times)


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2016-17 SOBR Kit (WAS 901, Bagariy, ACH)
« on: September 22, 2017, 03:43:32 AM »
Here I have a few pieces of neat gear from my collection. All of these have seen use in some capacity with various SOBR units across Russia, mainly SOBR Moscow/Bulat, Terek, and Rys. For those of you who are unaware, SOBR is the equivalent to SWAT here in the US, with regional teams. Therefore, their gear varies by unit based on task and budget.

Warrior Assault Systems 901: While mainly issued in multicam, this rig has also been seen in use in ATACs. Especially with SSO units in Syria, which is the main reason i got this rig. It's an extremely neat chest rig, very comfortable and adjustable. Unlike the similar Mk2 made by Tasmanian Tiger or JTech, the WAS 901 does not have any built in pouches. This allows for maximum optimization. It has the front panel as well as a chest panel for like an admin pouch, however i keep that folded away. There is a zipper on the right side of the panel 3 molle spaces in, which makes it very easy to put on and take off. In the picture I have 4x VOIN shingles in olive, 2x FORT IAPs (meant for 9x39 mags) in black, an SRVV horizontal GP pouch, and a WAS 2x2 in ATACs. I have since ditched one of the IAPs, moved the other one to the empty molle space on the right of the rig, and put a black SRVV double frag pouch on the front. Other tiny things on the rig are 2x MSW tourniquets on the shoulder straps and an IFF band.

Classcom Bagariy: This armor I bought back in December from a Russian gear seller named Demych, it's fairly comfy but it's as bulky as it looks. This is THE MVD armor, as pretty much every unit I've seen has been issued these. They have molle and I have utilized it in the past, but it's much more commonly seen slick with rigs over it and/or a belt kit. There's 4 plates, one chest and one gut plate in both the front and back. Used in conjunction with the soft armor I believe it's rated to GOST 5, which is somewhere between NIJ III and IV. Currently, I have two SSO frag pouches and a Tactical Tailor Utility pouch, which I use as a dump pouch. Overall it's extremely nice and i have no complaints.

SDS Advanced Combat Helmet: Surprisingly SOBR units tend to use US ACHs, mainly as a stopgap between older helmets and the newer, lighter helmets. To my knowledge, only the Foliage Green shells have been seen, but also covers are extremely commonplace. My current setup consists of basic MICH pads, ACH suspension system, a USGI Norotos one hole shroud, Norotos Rhino mount, and a PVS-14 on a j-arm. Not pictured is a Surefire HL-1 in tan, which has a white and blue light, three different brightness settings, and an IR Strobe. Overall this is my go-to helmet, mainly because it feels like nothing and the pads are comfortable. My one complaint is the chinstrap but I barely use it.

As stated above, all of this gear is seen in use to some extent with various SOBR units and I thoroughly enjoy all of them. If you have any questions about the gear in question, where to acquire this gear, or just questions about Russian kit in general, don't hesitate to reply or PM me.

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