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Author Topic: AEG from a bunch of mix matched parts  (Read 891 times)


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AEG from a bunch of mix matched parts
« on: July 10, 2015, 09:45:34 AM »
Well guys I thought I'd share this, I got a bunch of external parts from a buddy in a box. It had allot of the bits and pieces I needed to actually assemble an entire AR based gun from, and I got to thinking I'd do just that. Well first I was going to build a longer upper receiver for my M4 but after fighting with fitment issues with my CA body, I decided I'd be further ahead just building another gun from the bits.

So I had the stock, fore end, barrel, mock suppressor, and some other small bits. I bought a bag o gearbox from here, and a barrel, and hopup chamber. I had a motor laying around, that honestly is cheap and not much good but it's working for now until I upgrade the spring then I'll need to upgrade that as well.

So I took the fore end, trouble was I didn't have the attachment to the receiver for this fore end. So I took a normal delta ring ground it down to snugly fit, then through allot of fiddling I built out a washer setup that basically rigidly mounted it to the upper. Problem solved;) I setup the outer barrel where the suppressor goes into the fore grip so it gives that integrated suppressor look that I always like. I might change this a little since I'd like a little more overall length out of it, right now the barrel runs really close to flush with the end. I have a slight alignment issue on the end, the suppressor tends to end up slightly low from where it should be, since it's free floating basically, I'll likely build out some sort of support to fit in the end of the fore end to center the outer barrel in the fore end. But for now I'm not too concerned about it.

The gearbox was a bit of a mess;) I had allot of parts, missing a couple small pieces that I had laying around in my parts bags. There was a mosfet installed in the harness but the wiring was also a bit of a mess. So I went through and cleaned everything up, shimmed the box, fixed all the wiring. Had to fix some of the wiring at the mosfet, got all that working so it would turn over a motor. Reassembled everything and put it together. No compression, shooting like 150fps. This box had a sector delay chip, which I've never used before. Back in the day I don't ever recall seeing them available so I've never owned a gun with one, but I figured either I had the wrong nozzle or the sector delay was causing a problem. So I checked the length of the nozzle and it was correct so I removed the sector delay. Back together and I'm shooting a fairly consistent 390fps with .2's. Had to get the motor height and all the other stuff tuned in but now it's pretty close to good on that front.

So I went out to shoot it and fairly consistent I'm getting some dropped shots though and I suspect it's the bucking, also it's shooting to the left. I had dropped in the used bucking that I got along with the hopup and barrel. It was pretty dirty and unknown condition. I just threw it in there for something quick to test, so I suspect something there is wonky yet. I've got plans to rhop this as well so shortly I'll remove the bucking from the list of problems.

Planning on replacing the pins, and all the other little bits and pieces that are still missing cosmetically. Spring upgrade to likely an M130 and eventually removing full auto and possibly upgrading it further into the 480fps range. Currently my plan is something that will shoot 75+ yards but be fairly reliable. So we'll see, but at the point it just needs allot more hopup, and barrel tuning to get that end of the system up to snuff but it's going to have to wait until I have more time;)

Take care!

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