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Author Topic: Action paintball/ No limits Tale of annoyance.  (Read 20897 times)


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Action paintball/ No limits Tale of annoyance.
« on: June 21, 2015, 09:38:58 PM »
One time I was quietly relaxing in a perfectly placed concrete pipe waiting for some poor sap to cross my path of destruction when I spot a few tangos in a small structure surrounded by brush, I see an opening and run like a giant ogre was running after me tying to get my giblets. I slide into the grass hoping I wasn't spotted, and I smoothly take out two enemies with a spot on headshot, feeling satisfied I drop my guard and get  filled with plastic like scarface in his last stand. Now I'm on my way back to my spawn when some insufficent in the brains department shoots me multiple times when I am already out and I say "I'm already out!" he gets all pissy and screams "call your hits motherf*****!" so I slowly walk up to him, getting close to his mask, and say " You are that ugly black part of a banana than nobody likes"  and I walk away yet again feeling satisfied with myself.

Hope you enjoyed! and I believe my account is more than 6 months old because I had an old account on proboards, so I just made this new one.
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