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Author Topic: Fog Grenade?  (Read 1538 times)


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Fog Grenade?
« on: October 03, 2016, 06:24:27 PM »
So I had this idea well more so I'll give some back story to explain my thinking.

So couple years back I quit smoking after many years and started with ecigs, which I'm still using and much healthier and happier. But in doing that I learned allot about PG/VG(Polypropylene Glycol/Vegetable Glycerin) and their use in other stuff. So recently I got the idea of using some props for airsoft games that I host, and I got on the idea of a Zombie themed game, which would lend itself nicely to some fog for atmosphere. So that led me down the smoke/fog machine research and I've been looking into building a couple of those for specific games as well as for the kids with Halloween etc. But that whole project led me down the thought process of would it be possible to build a portable smoke grenade that would actually operate in the same manner.

So advantages, smoke indoors is a hazard, and you've got the burn risk etc. Lots of downsides, so often times it's not allowed. This however is cool well cold compared to any actual smoke, and the fog is basically the same as a fog machine which is VG/PG/Water mixed and basically steam of sorts and pretty much inert. The theory though in practice might not work, it may not be big enough or be able to put out enough smoke/fog in a reasonable time etc.

But what I've got in mind is a small grenade of sorts that would contain at least in theory an 18650 Lipo cell, hooked to a circuit that would discharge when impacted through a coil of kanthal wire just like an ecig, but a large one. Then it would also power a small fan to put the air into and across the coil propelling the smoke/fog into the room. Looking at the things guys do within ecig stuff with "cloud chasing" I suspect it's possible with the right coil and the right delivery mechanism. It might require some fiddling to make the duration safe time wise. IE not completely discharging the battery, so maybe a time circuit though I'm hesitant to fiddle with that side of things I'd rather it be super simple and reliable build wise.

So that's the general idea, or theory. I'm curious guys who have used smoke/fog machines since my experience is non existent with them. I've got a couple years of building coils for ecigs etc, and I know a fair bit of the tech side. My concern is the ability to scale the amount of fog/smoke to a level to make it effective rather than just another non useful item for CQB.

So I'd like to hear ideas and input etc, if you have any on the idea as a whole. As well as smoke/fog used as a part of games outside of signaling. More so the use of it as a set piece so to speak in a game.

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