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Michigan Commerce - Airsoft Guns Allowed / Re: WTS: CTW, LM4, Maruzen L96
« on: November 30, 2018, 12:58:35 PM »

Michigan Commerce - Airsoft Guns Allowed / WTS: CTW, LM4, Maruzen L96
« on: March 02, 2017, 07:56:04 PM »

Pains me to see my stuff gathering dust, would rather know they're out there providing enjoyment to someone.

Not looking to part out at this time. Not looking for trades. I accept PayPal and cash. Willing to meet up within a reasonable distance to Oakland County, potentially could make my way out to a game to make the deal if that's easier.

More pics to those interested. Thanks for looking.

Celcius CTW: $500

Comes with everything pictured. Also have extra springs and some of the original furniture. Also comes with 5 mags and a battery.

KWA LM4: $450

Comes with everything pictured and most of the original furniture. Comes with 6 mags. Maple leaf hop, RA internals, etc. Can provide full parts list to those interested.

Maruzen Type 96: $550

Heavily upgraded. Will come with extra sears, everything pictured (PDI fluted barrel, mock suppressor, bipod, scope), rifle bag, mags, BBs. Again, can provide full parts list and everything included to those with serious interest.

Recruitment / Rules and Regulations for Recruitment
« on: March 12, 2015, 05:36:29 PM »
CREDIT goes to CANTO for creating the original thread: http://miairsoft.proboards.com/thread/20695/updated-rules-regulations-recruitment

Alright guys, here are some rules and regulations for the recruitment forum here.

Thread jacking is not tolerated, do not post in another persons or teams recruitment thread to steal members away.
Please use proper grammar and spelling. It's not hard. Don't make me lock your thread because "u feel u need 2 use 1337 speak..." Also see the MIA forum rules.
Do not make simple posts looking for members but not list where you are or where you are from. These posts are pointless and will be edited or locked.
Unsafe behavior or conduct will result in locking, deletion, warnings, or bans in accordance with MiA regulation.
Only bump recruitment threads if they have fallen off the front page or you have significant new information to impart.
Common sense.
More common sense.

These rules are not hard to follow nor difficult to understand. I don't want to seem like a forum Nazi, but these rules will be adhered to.

- CantoXII

UPDATE 6/22/2010

Bashing on any member's team in the recruitment section will result in an immediate 3 day ban + 25% warning level increase, regardless of current warning levels.

This shouldn't need to be said - if someone wants to pretend they are E-LIGHT SEALZorZ then that's their prerogative. Who are we to judge?

- Talisman

Recruitment / Suggestions for Recruitment Posts
« on: March 12, 2015, 05:35:01 PM »
CREDIT goes to CANTO for creating the original thread: http://miairsoft.proboards.com/thread/20731/suggestions-recruitment-posts

From being on the boards here for several years, I have seen a number if not hundreds of posts in this area go unanswered and a lot of players never seen here on MiA again.

Here are some tips to maximize your recruitment efforts or making your team searching easier...

1) Post where you are from. A city will help many people find out where you are and who you are close too...

2) Post your age. A lot of teams have age requirements in place for members.

3) Post what weapon you use, either primary or secondary; preferably both.

4) Post what camouflage you own.

5) Post what tactical gear (if any) you own.

6) Post experience level (recommended).

7) Post with proper grammar.

8) Team recruiters, use suggestions 1-6 but list information and regulations you have.

9) Adhere to rules 1-8.

Airsoft Events / ATTENTION HOSTS
« on: March 12, 2015, 05:32:06 PM »
CREDIT goes to KNIEF for creating the original thread: http://miairsoft.proboards.com/thread/18431/attention-hosts

From this point on, all events posted on MiA that do not conform to MiA engagement limits must post the following disclaimer at the top of the first post in the event thread:

Caution: This Event Fails to Conform to MiA Safety Rules. Participate at Your Own Risk.

Copy and Paste the following UBBC coding to do this:

Caution: This Event Fails to Conform to MiA Safety Rules. Participate at Your Own Risk.

You must also include the phrase "MiA safety regs not in effect" in the title of your thread.

These precautions are the responsibility of the event host. All events not using MiA engagement limits* that do not these warnings posted appropriately will be removed on sight.

Furthermore, all events must enforce MiA Eye protection requirements. If an event does not enforce MiA Eye protection requirements, it cannot be posted on MiA. If an event host is known to allow eye protection that doesn't conform to MiA regulations, he will no longer be allowed to post events on MIA.

MiA Engagement limits and Eye protection requirements posted below.

u]Article 15
[/u]: The following are the minimum distance engagement limits for airsoft replicas. This is the closest a player can engage another player with a replica rated in the following feet per second (fps) categories using full-auto, semi-auto, or single shot capability. See Article 16 for extremely close quarter player elimination.

As of April 24, 2009, these rules include a 10fps "tolerance zone". Players will be allowed onto the field if their weapons shoot up to 10.0 fps over the published limit.

• 1.0 - 340.9 fps - Arms length engagement limit

• 341.0 - 400.9 fps - 20 foot engagement limit

• 401.0 - 540.9 fps – 50 foot engagement limit, bolt action or permanent* semi-auto replicas only

• 541.0+ fps - Prohibited or allowed with permission of event organizer only

*Permanent semi-auto refers to replicas that do not have full-auto fire capability, no matter how the selector switch or other user input device is manipulated.

• 1.0 - 340.9 fps – Arms length engagement limit

• 341.0+ fps – prohibited or allowed with permission of event organizer only

Engagement limits are based on averaged fps readings using .20 gram weight bb’s only. The method for acquiring an airsoft replica’s average fps is to fire multiple (more than 2) shots through a chronograph, record the readings, add the fps readings together and divide by the total number of readings.
Gas operated airsoft replicas should be chronographed using a “warm” ambient temperature gas supply (i.e. magazine), or with heating device functioning if used during the cold season.
No allowance is made for airsoft replicas that have an average reading close to the lower end of the next highest fps category. Example- if the replica has an average reading of 351.5 fps it falls within the 20 foot engagement limit.

Again, these rules include a 10fps "tolerance zone". Players will be allowed onto the field if their weapons shoot up to 10.0 fps over the published limit.

Article 3: Eye protection must be worn at all times, except in designated “safe” staging or preparation areas. Event organizers will inform the participants of such designated areas prior to the start of the event. It is recommended that players wear their eye protection at all times. Safety is the first priority.

• Eye protection must be of the completely sealed type (there must be contact with the eyewear frame and face, fully surrounding the eyes). Lenses must meet the minimum rating of ANSI Z87.1, MIL-V-43511C, or ASTM F 1776-01.*Edited-02/18/04, Frostee Eye protection must not be able to be brushed off, knocked off, or moved easily. It is strongly suggested that all eye protection be secured with a strong elastic strap/band (the type intended for such uses). A full mask that covers the entire face is optional, but the lenses must meet the aforementioned ANSI or ASTM specification and the area around the eyes must be sealed to the frame.
Eye protection in question should be examined by the event organizers who may decide to perform a safety test before determining if the eye protection is suitable. It is highly recommended that any player wearing questionable eyewear be refused entry to the playing field. Safety is the first priority.

* This disclaimer is not needed if your engagement limits are stricter than MiA limits.

Airsoft Events / Event Submissions and General Information
« on: March 12, 2015, 05:28:53 PM »
CREDIT goes to THOR for creating the original thread: http://miairsoft.proboards.com/thread/24640/event-submissions-general-information

We're going to try a new system for posting up official events.

From now on any event host that needs his event posted can create an event thread in the Event Planning section for their event. If it is approved it will be moved to the Airsoft Events section.

Any event posted that does not meet MIA standards will be locked and/or deleted if either the host does not change to meet our safety requirements or if we do not decide to allow it as is.

Any event that I personally lock will have the event information deleted and replaced with an explanation of why the event was removed/denied. I assume the other mods will follow a similar MO.

If your event does not get locked and is not moved shortly after you post it, PM one of the Event Moderators (Canto, Thor, Kustom, Wildcard, etc), an active Global Moderator or an Administrator and it will be moved promptly.

The goal of this change is to facilitate the easier posting of events and to help ensure that the person hosting the event is the person being contacted, as there have been issues with people thinking that the Mod who posted the event is necessarily running or involved with the event. This way, whoever is hosting it will be the initial poster, making the point of contact much easier to determine.

All events must be given a code, displayed in the subject of each thread:

REC - Recreational Game.
SCN - Scenario Event.
MIL - Military Simulation Event.
HYB - Hybrid type events blending recreational, scenario, and stricter military simulation regulations.

This is the responsibility of the Event Host/Event Poster. If an event in the Event Planning section does not have this code at the beginning of the subject line, it will be locked on sight.

*NOTE: This is only for Rec games and Events, not for inviting people to your backyard game or whatnot. Only post serious events here, or they will be removed wicked fast.

Airsoft Events / Flaming in Event Threads
« on: March 12, 2015, 05:27:07 PM »
CREDIT goes to THOR for creating the original thread: http://miairsoft.proboards.com/thread/26224/flaming-event-threads

Will not be tolerated any longer. I've been seeing a lot of it lately. If you don't like how someone is running an event, either don't say anything or send them a friendly pm making constructive comments.

I for one will not tolerate posts in this section that are flaming or flame-baiting.

Transgressors will be dealt with consistent with the other rules of this forum.

Post in event threads to ask questions or to say that you are attending and how many people you plan on bringing. Leave the drama for your momma.

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