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Author Topic: Rules and Regulations for Recruitment  (Read 7580 times)


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Rules and Regulations for Recruitment
« on: March 12, 2015, 05:36:29 PM »
CREDIT goes to CANTO for creating the original thread: http://miairsoft.proboards.com/thread/20695/updated-rules-regulations-recruitment

Alright guys, here are some rules and regulations for the recruitment forum here.

Thread jacking is not tolerated, do not post in another persons or teams recruitment thread to steal members away.
Please use proper grammar and spelling. It's not hard. Don't make me lock your thread because "u feel u need 2 use 1337 speak..." Also see the MIA forum rules.
Do not make simple posts looking for members but not list where you are or where you are from. These posts are pointless and will be edited or locked.
Unsafe behavior or conduct will result in locking, deletion, warnings, or bans in accordance with MiA regulation.
Only bump recruitment threads if they have fallen off the front page or you have significant new information to impart.
Common sense.
More common sense.

These rules are not hard to follow nor difficult to understand. I don't want to seem like a forum Nazi, but these rules will be adhered to.

- CantoXII

UPDATE 6/22/2010

Bashing on any member's team in the recruitment section will result in an immediate 3 day ban + 25% warning level increase, regardless of current warning levels.

This shouldn't need to be said - if someone wants to pretend they are E-LIGHT SEALZorZ then that's their prerogative. Who are we to judge?

- Talisman