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Author Topic: How to improve my Airsoft videos?  (Read 8597 times)


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How to improve my Airsoft videos?
« on: December 29, 2016, 04:07:24 PM »
I have been doing Airsoft videos for a while now. Attach a camera to my head, run around, shoot people, edit the video just for the kill shots. Toss in some music because I doubt people wants to hear my voice non stop. Simple right?


My videos doesn't seem like they catch that much attention on YouTube. My videos just seem to plain. Below is my last video I did. I use Windows Movie maker to edit my videos. It's free and you can't beat free. Does anyone have ideas to make my videos more interesting to watch? Seems like a lot of people love the sniper cam which is pretty cool. I do have a VSS which I can mod with one of those cameras but I mostly play inside. Is there some software, either free or super cheap to add more flavor to my videos?



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Re: How to improve my Airsoft videos?
« Reply #1 on: January 26, 2017, 11:07:52 AM »
To start with a bright color thumbnail helps, placing a lot of tags on your video helps with directing people. Most of the sniper kill cams I watch usually have a kill counter or a graphic for when you make a kill, similar to Call of Duty or Battle Field, which I find entertaining. If you have enough videos you could categorize them by like "headshot compilation", or "unbelievable trick shot". Lastly if you haven't already, I would consider posting to multiple social media platforms like Tumblr or Facebook. And posting short videos weekly is usually better than a long video a month.

There's my 2 cents, hope that helps a bit!


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Re: How to improve my Airsoft videos?
« Reply #2 on: January 26, 2017, 06:19:23 PM »
So I'm watching this one and this is from a non-youtuber I've considered doing it myself but haven't really. I do however watch a fair number of popular airsoft Youtube channels. So here is running commentary of sorts of things I like and don't like.

First off not sure how the gopro is mounted, but there is allot of movement. Seems like it's one of those elastic mounts which might be why. So first I'd look into stabilizing the camera more if possible. Very difficult to see what's going on allot of the time during action.

I think you need an opening graphic of sorts something even just a still image rather than a video, that introduces the video. Nothing too fancy but more than just text typed into move maker.

Your thumbnail for the video should be an edited shot rather than a random frame from the video. Look at Jet and all the other popular guys, they have a picture with some text which draws the eye much more and increases production value or the feel of it.

Consider dropping down the audio if you use music I'm not sure if you completely muted the audio from the video track but I can't hear it if it's there. So there isn't any feedback on the shots fired etc, as such the movement and gameplay feels very flat.

Also I would highly recommend doing some audio over commentary, since it's easy for you to follow the action since you were there. But since you're using cut footage no one else knows the context of a particular shot etc. It's just a disjointed clip of shots without any backstory. So giving that context via voice over I think is pretty important to telling the story of the game so to speak.

I'm now watching your northern light video by the way, same basic issues I'm seeing there so far. Audio from the music is far too loud. Though I am getting little bits of game audio here and there in this one. Could be because the music isn't as loud and has more breaks.

I'd also considering recording a little audio intro even if it's via a cell phone audio recording app and plugging it into the start giving some of the pertinent info about the game itself. Where, when, what the teams are etc. All during the title screen image.

If you haven't already try out the Youtube stabilization feature, it should clean up some of the jerky movement. Though it may make some bits worse hard to tell without trying.

Consider getting multiple camera mounts, it's good to see things from more than one point of view, it adds to editing allot. But it also makes the video more interesting.

Variation in the music, or less emphasis on it, in this lion claws video I'm already quite tired of the breathing noise, rather gameplay at this point. And I'm only less than half way through the video;)

Now closing so to speak. So I don't want to come off as an ass, I'm trying to give ideas of the things I'd try to change if you want to make it into something more popular. So please don't take it personally just my opinion based on what I'm seeing. But I think if you address some or all of the things above, you'll make a significant jump in the quality of the videos and more guys will watch the content.

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