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Author Topic: Ares MS338 Bolt Issues  (Read 9005 times)


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Ares MS338 Bolt Issues
« on: January 31, 2017, 08:58:46 PM »
Finally after all the wait, I've received my Ares MS338... and ran into problems. Starting from the beginning, loading the mag. The gun came with a looong stick loader which has proved to be an issue when loading as the mag is pretty tight so I can only load half the stick at a time to get the force needed to load the mag.

When I finally got a full mag and began shooting, the second problem occurred. Contrary to popular belief, the feeding tube wasn't the issue. It was the trigger box that (I believe) is the problem. The trigger is really loose, (can push to the left) and I fear is causing the sears to not engage, which is preventing the bolt from catching. I'm going to attempt to tighten it down, as my biggest fear would be having to replace A BRAND NEW gun part! It's looking to be a $117 replacement for the trigger unit and I've already spent a lot on this.

Unless someone else have a suggestion?


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Re: Ares MS338 Bolt Issues
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2017, 12:59:50 PM »
My best suggestion being unfamiliar with the platform is carefully take it apart and look over the components and see if something needs to be tightened etc. Unfortunately it doesn't sound like it's "right" from the factory which well with any brand can happen though some more so than others. I'm really unfamiliar with the Ares brand where they fall in that hierarchy but it sounds like you've got one with some problems.

So the trigger being loose, you may be able to shim it side to side to get it square and functional but really at the end of the day you'll have to dig in and take a look.

If that isn't the issue, or there is more issues I'd suggest hunting up someone with familiarity on bolt guns that can take a look in person at it if possible. Most of these systems have common functionality but not all, and it may help to get some more experienced eyes on the problem. And I'm not sure you're level of experience since you're pretty new on MIA and I can't recall what I read now on that front;)

Either way though I'd start with carefully going through the gun, which is always a good idea anyways with a new gun especially something like a bolt gun that is likely to need allot of hands on work to really maximize accuracy.

Take care!

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