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Author Topic: Angel Customs SP170 Spring review evike  (Read 9786 times)


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Angel Customs SP170 Spring review evike
« on: May 19, 2015, 12:59:37 PM »
Well guys normally I don't post much for reviews etc and this will be a short one but I had a less than stellar experience and I figured it might save someone else the money as well as headaches. I've heard allot of bad things about angel's custom products around the web on other forums. But recently I needed a spring for my sniper rifle and I figured hey I've got another Evike order why not put a spring on there as well and save shipping. So I looked around and the only option in an SP170 available was the Angel's custom. I figured why not I'll give it a try.

Installed the spring and it went well shooting 530fps on the chrono which is a touch low but with the short barrel on my TM VSR10 G-Spec I was willing to say it was likely just too short to get full velocity. Range was good, I was actually able to reach a bit further than my SP150 I had before in this gun with it setup as it is I could fairly consistently hit a 55 gallon drum at 100+ yards best was 120 yards. Previously I was having a very hard time carrying BB's past 80 yards or so with the SP150.

Fast forward 3 weeks or so and around 500 rounds, I noticed the bolt throw was getting much easier. I also noticed that my range seemed to be dropping off. Since most of my practice target shooting is at 75 yards I didn't noticed a change in accuracy really or range but I did notice my trajectory was changing as well as my hold over slightly. Well today I decided to do some longer range shooting and I was surprised I couldn't reach 100 yards. So I walked in and around 80 yards I could hit again, which made me wonder what FPS it was actually shooting and if I was right that the spring was loosing allot of strength fast.

Well I tossed it on the chrono and instead of the 530 I had, I'm running 400fps. Nothing has changed compression wise, and I haven't done it yet but I'm planning on tossing my SP150 back in until I get another spring in hand but I expect it will jump right back to where it was before I put in the SP170. But the basic results are the spring got weak enough in less than 500 rounds to drop the FPS 130 or so lower than where it started which in my mind makes it garbage. I'd read that same result elsewhere but really wasn't sure if I trusted it, should have listened.

Also called Evike and explained the situation since it's been nearly exactly a month since I placed the order only a few weeks since I got the spring and was basically told that springs are not under any sort of warranty and basically I'm out. I understand the theory here, and that they probably get allot of guys trying to replace parts that aren't bad. But I gotta feel that was a negative knock against them as well. Which is unfortunate since I've been pretty happy with Evike and have ordered quite a bit from them over the last 5 months or so.

All in all it is what it is, I won't be buying anything else with Angel's custom on the package that is for certain and I'd probably recommend other guys do the same, just too many reports of the parts not being worth the price at all.

Take care!

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