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Author Topic: Special rules for airsoft businesspeople  (Read 13912 times)


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Special rules for airsoft businesspeople
« on: March 10, 2015, 04:17:12 PM »
We've been asked to clarify the rules for how owners & staff of airsoft business can use the forum as a promotional venue. We don't want to be unfriendly to those people - they're essential to the sport - but we also want to keep the focus of this site on the Michigan airsoft community and keep commerce at arms' length.

    If you are affiliated with an airsoft retail, distribution, or manufacturing business in any way, you may only promote your business in Retailer Announcements.
    If you are affiliated with an airsoft field, you may promote events at your field only in Airsoft Events.
    If your business is both a retailer or wholesaler and a field, it's fine to cross-promote the sales side in an event post, but not to put event announcements in Retailer Announcements.
    Posts outside those boards may include casual references to your work ("At the store we see a high return rate on those" is fine) but no advertisements, solicitation of business, or discussion of pricing ("Yes, that's a good gun, stop by the store and we'll set you up" would be unacceptable).
    Members not affiliated with any business may refer to such businesses as appropriate. To pick an obvious example, if a retailer loans you a gun to review, you're free to acknowledge the retailer in your review. Such mentions may include links but should not include any sort of graphics, including but not limited to logos and banner ads. The idea is to acknowledge the help you received from a retailer, no more, no less.
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