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Author Topic: Warning Levels  (Read 24836 times)


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Warning Levels
« on: March 10, 2015, 04:17:37 PM »
Because we are foolishly lenient mods, we currently use a four strike system. Each time we need to warn someone about a violation of forum rules, we increment that user's warning level by 25%. The first two warnings (25% and 50%) carry no additional consequences. When you get to 75%, you get a seven day ban. When you get to 100%, you get permanently banned.

Mods have the discretion to not give out any warning points, or in particular circumstances, to go beyond the specified punishments. If you join and your very first post is hardcore porn on the general discussion thread, we're not going to give you a chance to make a second post.

Warning levels do not go down through any automated process. Mods have the discretion to lower them as a reward for continued good behavior or other contributions to the forum. This is at our discretion only. PMing us to ask to have your warning level lowered is far more likely to frustrate us than get us to bump you down. If you're making positive contributions, we will take notice. Remember that unless you get that fourth strike, even a 75% warning level doesn't limit your ability to participate here after your temp ban is over, so your warning level should not be a big deal. Edit: When I say contributions to this forum, I don't mean everyday ordinary posts. I mean putting something up that significantly enriches the Michigan airsoft community.

On our private moderator forum, we discuss bans and other punishments. We do not act frivolously, although sometimes we do find ways to entertain ourselves and other forum members along the way. There have been occasions, some recently, where we've gone lighter or harder on a given member after talking it over.
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