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Title: REC: Capital City Airsoft at TC Paintball 05/11
Post by: coussens5 on May 10, 2019, 11:44:17 AM
Capital City Airsoft in association with TC Paintball Lansing Present:

A Recreational Game at TC Paintball Lansing

$20 at the door
Free HPA fills
Rental Valken battle machines will be available for $25 which includes 1000bbs

Bring a Buddy Deal!
Bring a friend who has never been to TC Paintball Lansing and receives Half off your admission!

Pizza will be ordered for lunch if there is enough demand. Cost is:
$5 per person to share pizza or $10 for an entire pizza of your own. Cards are not accepted for this as the cash is directly used to pay for the pizza.

Age Restrictions:

A waiver is required for all players.
Any players under the age of 18 must have their waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.
Waivers will be available on site or you can print it and sign it yourself here:


Barrel bags/ blocking device are required in all safe areas.

Full seal goggles are required for all players.
     ~ Oakley M Frames are required to have the Helo kit to qualify as
         full seal. Lab Goggles, Safety glasses and mesh glasses ARE 
         NOT ALLOWED.
     ~ Players without the required safety gear will
         be required to borrow full seal goggles or paintball
         masks are available.
     ~ Masks with mesh eye covers must have full seal goggles on
     ~ Minors are required to wear a paintball mask. NO
We highly recommend players bring full face protection, be it goggles and half mask, full mask, shemagh, etc.

Fps limits:
     0-350fps Arms length MED
     350-400 20ft MED
     400+ Prohibited

Joule Limits:
     0.01-1.07 Arms Length MED
     1.08-1.45 20ft MED
     1.46+ Prohibited

We do allow snipers on the field (400-500fps 1.46j-2.3j), but know that you will have a 100ft MED and the main area of play is smaller and not conducive to sniping. You must have a sidearm for any close engagements!

     ~ No blind firing.
     ~ Smoke grenades must be approved by game organizers.
     ~ Any pyrotechnic devices not approved are PROHIBITED.
     ~ Bang rules not enforced.
     ~ Gun hits do not count.

     Teams will be separated by armband if needed, therefore no
     camouflage is required.

Water, pop, Gatorade and snacks are available for purchase at the registration counter.