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Author Topic: The Bastards are looking for a few good men  (Read 2341 times)


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The Bastards are looking for a few good men
« on: June 03, 2015, 04:08:34 PM »
The Bastards

Founded in August of 2014 by Mosin and Troub, The Bastards were created in order to provide a next level MilSim experience to Michigan as a whole, in addition to fostering a team that was both a brotherhood, as well as an elite unit of bb warz gunslingers. We try not to take ourselves too serious, but we do have credentials to backup our tactics and we do train as often as possible together. Our camouflage base patterns are Woodland M81 (Three color), Woodland MARPAT, and Desert MARPAT (Typically FROG cut, authentic, non clone brands). Our kits are mainly coyote brown plate carriers or LBVs with either a ruck or assault pack, depending on the event.

How to: Join The Bastards
In order to join The Bastards, applicants MUST:
- Be at least 18 years of age or older, preferred 21+, however exceptions can be made for outstanding candidates.

- Be able to meet our physical fitness standards. While we aren't athletic superstars, we do pride ourselves on being physically fit enough to go an entire 24/40 hour event or more without feeling muscle fatigue. Being able to sprint to buildings or a bunker or objective is a large component in how we operate.

- Be willing to train, attend, and/or host airsoft events at least once a month. We understand this may be a tough requirement, but we like our members to be active in the community. Should you get patched in, players who do not contribute to the team forums, don't show up to training, don't come to events, and fail to constantly better themselves will likely find themselves removed during the first 90 days of being patched in as a probie.

- Have a reliable mode of transportation. We typically take turns carpooling to events, so having a vehicle that can help get you there is a must.

- Prior to being patched in, you must own at least one set of Woodland and Desert USMC Digital camouflage. Our current team camouflage patterns are Woodland and Desert FROG suits, and M81 Woodland.

- Own an M4 or M249 SAW platform.

How to: Apply to The Bastards
In order to apply to The Bastards, please send the following template (Filled out) to: Mosin16@Gmail.com - in the Email Title please put your Callsign followed by "Bastard Application"

 - Name(Full please):

 - Age:

 - Callsign:

 - How many weekends per Month are you available for airsoft purposes? (Training, attending, hosting, bbqs, ect...)

 - Do you own reliable transportation, and do you consider yourself financially secure? At least enough to make the one event/game a month minimum?

 - Relevant Training (Any real world experience? Shooting courses attended?):

 - Years playing Airsoft:

 - Weapon Platforms you currently possess(Primaries, Secondaries, and the dust collectors -- whatever is relevant):

 - Current Rig setup(The team uses Coyote Brown plate carriers, however this is not mandatory):

 - Why do you want to be part of The Bastards?

 - Why should we accept you on The Bastards?

 - What do you expect from this joining this team?

Upon completion of this application, The Bastards team will review it. Typically if we see you at an event we'd prefer you to introduce yourself to us, to help put a face to name. It also wouldn't hurt to try and get in contact with us prior to an event we're attending to figure out what camouflage pattern we're running, so you can shoot alongside us. If it's determined that you're a serious candidate, the following will happen.

Stage I: Candidate introduces himself via application letter, Bastards Members will review application, and if the player seems to have taken his time on the application and took it seriously, will be advanced to Stage II.

Stage II (Interchangeable): Candidate plays alongside The Bastards at one event, The Bastards will gauge Candidate tactics, sportsmanship, and professionalism as a player. At least one Member of The Bastards will need to vouch for you before we go any further.

Stage III (Interchangeable): Candidate will usually be invited to hang out off field with The Bastards, we will then see how well we mesh off field, probably after an event.

Stage IV: Candidate will be offered a probie spot on The Bastards. Upon being offered a probie position, candidate will be on a "Probationary period" that will not end until both 90 days and two events attended as a Bastard have happened.

Once you've proven yourself at probie status for the required amount of time, you'll eventually slink into the member group. Obvious acts of selflessness and devotion to team will speed up this process, although a typical "Candidate to Member" process can typically take about 6-9 months, as we're only meeting up once or twice a month. C'mon, it's not like we're going to kiss on the first date or anything, right?

Anyone applying to The Bastards is encouraged NOT to make any purchases that the applicant wouldn't already be making otherwise (I.E: Don't buy woodland and desert FROG suits and Coyote Brown kit just to fit in a little better with us during candidate stages).

Candidates can be dropped at any time, for any reason. Although we will message you to inform you of this decision, we hope that you maintain a strong level of maturity and respect our decision. If you feel it was made in error, please elaborate on it and we'll go from there.

All applications are kept on file for not longer than 60 days before either acceptance into the next stage or denial. Applicants will receive an email either way. Once an application is taken into the "Stage II" process, applicants will remain on file permanently until a decision is reached on advancing to "Stage III" or denial.


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Re: The Bastards are looking for a few good men
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2018, 09:24:05 AM »
where are you guys located out of?