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Author Topic: KJW KC-02 for sale  (Read 354 times)

Alex Greca

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KJW KC-02 for sale
« on: November 07, 2018, 11:27:57 AM »

I have my brand new KJW KC-02 version 1 for sale with tons of accessories/upgrades.  Everything is brand new and the gun has only been shot a few times.  Bought this a few months ago and my wife needs a new camera so I am selling this to try to get some money.

In the picture is everything you will get, which includes:

KC-02 in its current build:
SRU Bullpup stock
R-hopped 430mm pdi 6.01 tightbore inner barrel
Rogue Worx barrel spacers
Rogue Worx bolt carrier
Rogue Worx charging handle
Rogue Worx lightweight piston
Rogue Worx pin
3d printed tophatrunner hop up chamber (allows use of vsr barrels and buckings)
mock suppressor
suppressor adapter

Tapp airsoft electric drum winding mag.
original green gas mag
all original parts that were removed to install rogue worx upgrades
original stock with rail covers
original hop up chamber, barrel, and bucking
high flow gasket and flow valve for 1 mag
and the original boxes it came in

All of this stuff is worth over $850
I am looking to get $550 obo

I live near lansing, and frequently play at futureball in whitmore lake if you wanted to test or meet there.
Things to note:

This is brand new, and if you do any research on the tophatrunner 3d printed chamber, you will learn that it needs some time to break in (you just have to clean the barrel after every round for awhile until there is no more residue from the chamber)

If you keep the gun in its current form, you must be careful not to leave it in a hot car, the stock and hop chamber are 3d printed and can deform.  If you switch to original stock and chamber you will not have to worry,  my plan was to have it in bullpup body in spring and fall then the original in summer.

You will need a velcro strap or patch to cover hole to the drum mag (sorry, I'm keeping the patch I use)

I also have an extra tank, regulator, and line that I would also be willing to sell if you need one.

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