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Author Topic: Military Surplus (Gear & Equipment)  (Read 355 times)


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Military Surplus (Gear & Equipment)
« on: April 20, 2019, 02:11:55 PM »
(Czech, Yugo, USSR, China, Russia, Germany, East German, American, British (Iraq war only) Austrian, Polish, and more...)

Email-   bricewoods56@gmail.com
   Phone- 734-309-0352
   Instagram- thebricewoods, bw.gearspam
   Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005087597599
Location-Downriver Michigan
   Willing To Sell all of these items, No trades, Firm and fair prices have been guaranteed.
   -I will ship to you
   -You can come to my city and meet me in public
   -I cannot come to you
   -I cannot meet you halfway

Some items are not listed, if you need specific items from the listed countries, let me know if you want it.
Also, I have much more available surplus from my partner, ask away and if we have it, we may be willing to sell…

Gear for sale, Red = Sold                 Black=Unsold

Czechoslovakian M10M Gas Mask 25.00
Czechoslovakian M10 Gas Mask bag 5.00
Czechoslovakian M85 OD Green uniform 30.00
Czechoslovakian fur gloves 10.00
Czech ASR-97 ballistic helmet-100.00

Yugoslavian ON-M59 Monocular with case 30.00

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

Airsoft AK-74 for sale-200
Soviet Army fur Ushanka 20.00
Soviet Afghanistan Boonie hat new with insignia 30.00
Soviet Gas Mask bag with GP-5 size large 25.00
Soviet P2 (LARGE) Ssh68 helmet 60.00
Soviet Afghanistan War uniform 50.00
Soviet Army belt-25.00
Soviet Army AK pouch 10.00
Soviet Army AK pouch 10.00
Soviet early KLMK sniper veil 10.00

Chinese Communist AK 3 cell 4 grenade chest rig 30.00

Russian Federation
Prop (Boneyard AKR-74MN KWA) AK-74M-50.00
VSR-93 size XL set-120.00
KLMK Summer Berezhka camo set-35.00
Russian Federation production shovel case with Soviet era refurbished shovel-40.00


M56 ALICE (Vietnam) pistol belt-15.00
ALICE (Gulf War)pistol belt-10.00
M56 ALICE Suspenders ARVN L-15.00
M56 ALICE Suspenders L-15.00
M56 M14 pouch-5.00
M16 Mag pouch-5.00
M16 Mag pouch 5.00
M16 Bandolier (5.56 ball stripper clips) 5.00
Large Propper Woodland M81 set 40.00
Medium Chocolate Chip set 30.00
Medium 3 color desert set 30.00
1L Canteen and Canteen pouches 10.00ea
2L Canteen and Canteen pouch 15.00
E Tool carrier 1980s production 5.00
Jungle Boots Black Sz.9 20.00
Jungle Boots Green/Black Sz.11.5 25.00
Sun Wind and Dust goggles 15.00
M40 FPM Gas Mask and bag 45.00

German (Bundeswehr)
Flak Jacket large-130
Schuberth B826 Helmet large-220
Webgear 4 Mag pouches, buttpack, pistol holster (p38)-75
Goretex Jacket large-45
Field shirt 20.00
Field pants with suspenders 30.00
Belt 10.00
Tropical boots 11.5 70.00
East German
Grenztruppen Officer hat-35
Grenztruppen Officer greatcoat M/L 100

Bundesheer M1 Pot with US style liner, Austrian black leather straps, large-45.00

AKM/AK-74 bayonet with sheath 35.00

British Army (BAF) infantry equipment size US Extra Large for SALE!
PM for more details
(Full Operation Telic / Operation Iraqi Freedom BAF impression)
-Osprey Mk IV Body Armor unissued
-used LARGE Mark VI Helmet with used “DONEY A POS” DDPM cover
-Highlander LBV unissued
-Full infantry MOLLE equipment for Osprey/Highlander unissued
-SA80 Pouches
-Flashlight Pouch
-Small Utility Pouch
-Utility Pouches
-Water Bottle Pouch
-Grenade Pouches
-Medical Equipment Pouch
-extra Osprey neck guard with other attachments
-extra brand new woodland DPM and MTP helmet cover
-British Army issue comfort system for helmet in original bag with BAF pamphlet (Velcro installed on helmet, padding in original bag)
-Windproof brand new DDPM Special Air Service Smock XL
-Desert used Undershirt
-Desert used Belt
-Windproof brand new Trousers XL
-XL brand new Backpack Cover adjustable
-Coyote 3 Day Assault Pack (used) (not pictured)
-Extra Coyote Pouches