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Author Topic: My oddball collection  (Read 3288 times)

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My oddball collection
« on: December 05, 2019, 11:10:48 AM »
My oddball collection that folks will typically see part of at fields whenever I go out to play.  Sorry for the photo quality, there is no good place in the house lighting wise and I am inept with photo taking.

Real Sword SVD with 3-9x24 "PSO style" scope (I say that because it has the 1.7 meter height marking unlike the civilian 1.8 and afaik was made by NPZ and sold commercially by SAMOON many years ago.  Still stock, only swapped connector for deans.  Doesn't really get used much due to how I usually play.

Cyma/Dboys Aks-74:  My work horse and primary rifle.  Been taken apart and parts swapped both internal and external for years, currently has no scope rail on the receiver, ics fire selector, real Russian plum handguards, an Egyptian rear sight leaf, and of course tourniquet and sling.  Internally a mish mash of SHS and ZCI parts, with a 16tpa shs motor 12:1 shs gears iirc,  promy tightbore, lonex hop up unit, and modify flat hop bucking nub set (black iirc, I keep swapping between the black and grey ones).  Empties a mag fast but not my best semi auto response.  150 ft shots reached but not sure the extent of it, around 360 or so fps iirc.  Nukefet installed.

Cyma Bizon:  My confused child that doesn't know what role to fill.  Currently shoots above local limits for 5 foot MED, so I still can't clear buildings with it, despite the spring being a m95 zci (might be from having a non ported cylinder in it).  Mostly the same setup as the rest partswise internally, but stock metal hop up unit with the modify flat hop and promy barrel.  Range is decent for how short it is but it is picky with the mags I have for it.  Still love it though.  Apex python mosfet installed

Cyma ak104/5, 40 series:  My latest aeg purchase, not even over a year yet and I already have messed with its guts.  Recently got fixed up after finding that its spring guide and piston head both failed, now has 12:1 gears instead of 16:1, which paired with a zci 22 tpa motor seems to be making it smooth for trigger response.  Oddly enough fires just below 350 fps so actually is better than the bizon for clearing buildings.  Put a lct ultimak clone top handguard on despite not having a proper optic for it.  Nukefet installed.

Cyma/Dboys Ak-74m:  Current project gun.  Recently restored the internals of it, giving it the 16:1 gears, a zci 22 tpa motor, mostly similar internals to everything else, and slapped a random spring into it that currently puts it at 397-401 fps range.  Stock barrel and hop up unit atm (lonex chamber on the way) but I decided to try and mod my old prommy purple that was in it for flat hop with the modify nub.  It is the only one besides the SVD atm without a mosfet, but I have a gate nanoasr on the way to try out.  Externally it is an old, old, old body, like the aks-74 but the front barrel assembly is so worn around the barrel pin notch that I have to put something in there alongside the real steel pin to keep it from falling out.  Half tempted to stick the gearbox into a dboys akms body that I have in storage instead (which pin is so pressed in that it won't come apart to allow dissassembly) or find a boneyard gun to take the barrel assembly off of, maybe put it onto the full stock ak-74n body that I have which has a nice wood stock finish.

LCT RPK:  My most accursed replica to date.  Has had one of its barrel screws bored out due to it being stripped from the factory, no wobble so far though.  Fire selector lever also got replaced due to original one wearing out on its cylinder nub (why can't these companies do what lct does and weld lever and the nub together!).  Real RPK sling.  Internally it is a mess, with the  apex python mosfet wiring job done so bad I ponder how it actually works (spliced wiring to extend it back into buttsock, as well as to extend part of the wiring to the 16 tpa motor).  Stock barrel, lonex hop up chamber, modify flat hop.  No idea how it performs currently but I would say probably subpar to everything else.  Plan to just run it till it dies again and see about redoing all of it internally again.  The PBS-1 is just for lulz.

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