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Author Topic: Greekas' Sales Thread: WTS Upgraded G36C, AK Smersh  (Read 116 times)


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Greekas' Sales Thread: WTS Upgraded G36C, AK Smersh
« on: June 22, 2020, 11:09:07 AM »
F2F is preferred, but I can ship if needed. Located Downriver.

WTS Upgraded ECHO 1 G36C
$200 OBO

OEM is JG, who is known for making very reliable G36s despite their other replicas not being as good. This was the first high-quality airsoft gun I've ever purchased back in 2011. The only issue is that it misfeeds, but I think that's because the air nozzle sticks out too far forward. If you can fix that minor issue, you'll have a very reliable gun that's accurate and will outrange good sniper rifles.

Upgrades (installed in 2014)
UTG Handguard rails
TM-style magwell
Wired to Deans
Lonex Hopup Unit
Lonex Improved Hopup Bucking 50 Degrees
Lonex Air Nozzle
Lonex POM Ventilation Piston Head
Lonex Extreme Toughness Polycarb piston 10 metal teeth
Lonex Aluminum Cylinder Head
Lonex Enhanced Steel Bearing Spring Guide (this one i'm not positive of)
Lonex A2 motor
Lonex 6.03 inner barrel w/R-Hop
M110 Spring

5 King Arms 95rd G36 Midcaps
STANAG magazine adapter (currently attached)
Lonex V3 Trigger Contacts/Assembly (didn't put them in the gun)

PM me for more pictures/info.

SSO AK Smersh rig

Need a rig to round out your Russian kit or Kapkan cosplay? This is it. Had one previous owner, who hardly used it. Bought it from them in 2017 and never fielded it myself.

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