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Author Topic: KWA/KSC Glock 19 issues  (Read 767 times)


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KWA/KSC Glock 19 issues
« on: June 09, 2016, 10:54:11 PM »
So guys I started typing this planning to ask recommendations for a new gun but instead I'm going to ask for suggestions on how to fix my issues;) So here is the backstory. I bought a KWA Glock 19 around 13-14 years ago, it was actually my first GBB airsoft gun, and second gun I ever bought(first was a TM M16A2 at the same time). Anyways it functioned flawlessly for quite a few years, around the time I stopped playing I started having issues. It would vent once in a while when firing and just generally seemed weak on kick and at some point the slide stuck. It stuck enough that it slightly cracked the edges of the ejection port where the barrel resides under recoil. I never figured out the reason it stuck, I never found a broken part or issue. After taking it down, putting it back together it's never stuck again. The issues stayed the same as before it stuck, same occasional venting etc.

So in my research I found all sort of solutions. From shimming the gas unit in the slide with paper to push it lower towards the mag. That seemed to help some, since i noticed holding the mag up or pushing it up while firing caused the action to cycle more reliably. But it still didn't work properly at the end of the day. So I bought a parts gun with a broken frame. I was fairly convinced since the slight was slightly cracked and it's had thousands and thousands of rounds through it the slide was likely worn out or frame. Either way got the parts gun which has a piece broken from the frame near the slide stop. I glued that in place and it's not a functional spot so non-issue. None the less now I've got a spare slide and frame along with all the parts.

So first thing I tried was slapping the new slide on the old frame to see if that would work. It didn't different issues, venting differently. So I thought well let's throw the GBB unit from one slide to the other. The issues stayed the same with each slide. I don't understand this at all, since the issues should have followed the GBB unit I would think rather than the slide. I also swapped barrels and recoil springs between them with no change. So I've got two slides with different issues but neither seems to work, or there is something going on in the lowers.

Now my old slide on the new frame does work, but it's not perfect it's a bit weak but doesn't vent. Which is better than the new slide on the new frame etc. So that is as close to a functional gun as I've been able to make. But since the frame is slightly broken I figured let's track down what's different between the two.

So I started looking at the lowers, I thought maybe some part was worn in my old frame, and since this parts gun is far less worn internally I figured I'd swap the firing mechanism as a whole frame to frame. I did that, swapped them both and the issues with my old frame stayed there and vice versus. So the new frame with the old internals still functions mostly(though a little weak, but exactly the same as it did before the swap). The old frame has the exact same issue with venting etc that it did.

I know that's a bear to read through and understand but basically I've swapped most every part I can think of between the frames and slides to see if I could come up with a combination that would function. Admittedly I'm not much of a GBB tech, but I am pretty handy fixing and building stuff generally. What the heck am I doing wrong here, and suggestions of parts to check etc would be very appreciated;)


EDIT: Tonight I tore into it further and have some more info. So after much fiddling I've got a combination that works and is stable using my old slide and the old frame with the new internals on the frame. I did realize tonight the one part I didn't swap was the mag catch so that was what was different in the frames. The mag catch wasn't allowing the mag to get close enough to seal properly. Once I realized that I took the worn one out and took a small nail, drilled a hole and cut the nail the shape I wanted melted it into place then filed to fit. Now I've got a steel bearing surface on the worn mag catch and both frames are back in action.

After that and thinking on the mag seating fully. I noticed in my spare mags, I've got 3 CO2 mags that are broken valves, etc. Well they have slightly taller seals on the top of the mag. So I took one of those off and swapped it over to my mag and now I have a consistent shooting gun again.

But that all said the slide is still slightly cracked and I'm hoping to get the other slide running and it's now with all the other changes still not blowing back properly, and at one point went sort of full auto. So suggestions there would help.

EDIT 2: Alright guys well I have solved things after much fiddling. I need to order a disconnector for one of the frames, but I have the non-cracked frame working. And I've got both slides working on the good frame, and one works on the other frame which must mean the blow back unit is slightly lower enough to disconnect.

Either way sorry to even post since I did manage to solve it. Note though this wasn't my first rodeo trying to figure this out;) I actually while researching tonight found that I posted on the old MIA over a year ago trying to fix this before I had parts and I've spent a whole lot of time researching;) But at the end of the day the mag seal is the primary thing that caused my issues, secondary would be the mag catch. And a few other minor things, but mostly those two things gave me the most issues;)
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