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Author Topic: New Feature - Chat system  (Read 1698 times)


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New Feature - Chat system
« on: September 25, 2016, 01:35:54 PM »
So lately I've found myself kicking out of MIA to send a quick message to people on MIA about various things. So I started looking into a chat function/feature. I found one that is very close to the way facebook handles it and it's running and testing it out here. So see what you think of it, it should be showing in the lower right hand corner. It's individual chat doesn't do group chat etc. It's pretty lightweight and doesn't have allot of extra features but it's quicker for back and forth than using PM's.

That said there is a downside, the information in chat isn't long term. IE it's not persistent or I'm not sure how persistent it is. So for right now we're going to leave that alone. But the brunt of that is don't send something via chat that you need to retain. IE shipping address or something for a transaction.

Right now it's a test of this, it may or may not work out but I thought it might help guys out. I'll also post a thread in Airsoft Discussion about it where you can give feedback etc on what you think of it.

Take care!


EDIT: Changed a few things since the initial post, there is also more features as well as a chat room available. Depending on popularity we'll see if we keep it around etc.
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