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Michigan Commerce - Airsoft Guns Allowed / WTS: Lot: WA M4, G&G UMP, TM M9, and more
« Last post by Sigma on January 22, 2024, 03:16:50 PM »
Hello all. I haven't played in many years so am now clearing out my guns and gear. I'll try to recall exactly what everything is to the best of my ability, but feel free to ask questions. Looking to sell all as a lot, but will also include prices for individual guns and gear. Located in the Ann Arbor area. Looking for $400 for everything.

From the top:

Western Arms M4 GBBR: non-firing as of right now. There was a small piece that needed replacement that I couldn't find. Piston is out right now, and buffer tube assembly has lots of scratches on it. Painted ATACS. Original handguards and stock included, along with 6 magazines. Magazines probably need o-rings soaked/replaced, but otherwise are in good working condition. Asking $150 OBO for the rifle and all accessories.

G&G UMG: very good condition, works fine and limited wear on the body. Ejection port came off but I have it as well as the springs that held it in place. Includes original box with original midcap as well as hi cap magazines (hi cap may have feeding issues). Looking for $120 OBO.
TM M92: One functional gun and one parts gun. 3 magazines total, but one has issues if I remember correctly. Original box included. $120 OBO
KSC M93R: previous owner sanded down the slide. Full metal body. Worn but works, though I believe the 3 round burst is just full auto. One magazine included. $80 OBO

Gear: Paintball mask, mesh lower (couldn't find the goggles to go with), MBSS lightweight MOLLE vest in OD green (Fox tactical made I believe), two Blackhawk triple STANAG/double AK mag pouches, two quickdraw pistol mag pouches, dump pouch, map pouch, utility pouch, two speedloaders, ~1000 Crossman .25g BBs, and khaki single point bungee sling. $100

Parts and such: there is almost a whole JG SIG552 here in parts. It is fully disassembled at the moment, with what seems to be all the parts in separate bags. Looks like I soldered bullet connectors onto it. There are cracks in the plastic as well. Will include 3 hicap mags and 3 midcap mags. I have an extra standard stick battery but I don't think it fits the 552. $30 for all that.
UTG pistol case: fits two pistols and six magazines. $15

Like I said before, I'm looking to sell as a lot: $400 OBO for everything! Would prefer to stay local but am willing to ship as well. Please PM me if interested. Thanks for your time.
All links updated and active as of: January 22nd, 2024
Attention all airsofters! Hole in the Wall Paintball will be offering airsoft season passes for the 2024 calendar year!

Season pass holders will be granted access to all airsoft games held at Hole in the Wall Paintball (Sunday Rec, Night Games, and all Special Events), $5.00 off airsoft rental packages (Up To Two Guests), and three extra entries into every raffle.

Season passes are $280.00 per person and can be picked up at our field location in Bangor, Michigan during normal business hours. If you are interested, please contact us about reserving one.

A great value if you love airsoft, live nearby, or a great gift for a family member or friend!

- Photo identification may be required for entry with a season pass.
- Cannot be combined with any other offer, discount, or coupon.
- Void if lost, stolen, copied, or altered.
- Cannot be bought, sold, or transferred.
- No refunds, exchanges, or credits will be issued.
- Terms and conditions of use are subject to change.
- Management reserves the right to revoke passes.

Season passes will not become effective (active) until January 1st, 2024.
All Patches Sold Out!
Michigan Commerce - Airsoft Guns Allowed / Re: WTS G&G Top Tech GR16-A3
« Last post by Canto on November 24, 2023, 10:14:46 PM »
You might be better off posting this for sale on the MiA Discord to be honest with ya.
Airsoft Events / REC: Sunday Walk-On (Open Play) Recreational Games ~ Every Sunday
« Last post by Canto on November 24, 2023, 10:11:46 PM »
2023 Sunday Walk-On Recreational Games (Open Play Airsoft)
Every Sunday - Rain or Shine

Hole in the Wall Paintball - Southwest Michigan

Hole in the Wall Paintball - 24262 66th Street, Bangor, Michigan 49013
(269) 353-2978

Registration/Chronograph Open: 10:00 AM.
Game Start: 10:00 AM.
Event End: 5:00 PM?

* We are operating on winter hours until April 2024. If no customers arrive by 1:30 PM to 2:00 PM, we will be closing our doors early. If you plan on arriving past 12:00 PM (noon), please give us a call.
** With the decreasing amount of daylight, games will probably end sooner. Players are advised to arrive early to get the most gameplay as possible.

- Ages: 14+
- Barrel bags are required for participation and are available for sale at event registration ($8.00 each)
- Full seal ANSI Z87.1 rated goggles and barrel bags are required.
- Full face masks available for rent for $5.00 each.
- Mesh goggles, lab safety goggles, or safety glasses will not be permitted under any circumstances.
- No 8mm or Metal BB's are allowed.

- Walk on payment and registration only.
- Signature of parent or guardian required for minor participants.
- Waivers will be available at game registration.
- www.holeinthewallpaintballmi.com

Walk-On Field Fee: $20.00 Per Person (All Transactions Cash Only)
- Bring your own equipment.
- Must have full seal (ANSI Z87.1) rated eye protection.

Rental Package: $40.00 Per Person (All Transactions Cash Only)
- Includes: Admission, replica, full face mask, and one full magazine of BB's.
- Additional BB's beyond the initial rental package must be purchased.
* All rentals are first come, first serve. Please reserve ahead of time, message for details.

Eye Protection and Barrel Bag Regulations:

- ANSI Z87.1 rated full seal eye protection only, no exceptions.
- 'Full Seal' is defined as a foam band separating the lens of the goggle from the frame portion and the face of the user.
- Mesh goggles, lab safety goggles, safety glasses, etc will not be permitted under any circumstances.
- Lower face protection (Mesh Lowers, Mouth Guards, etc) do not apply to this.

- Replicas are required to have barrel bags for their replicas while in the staging area or parking lot.
- Ad-hoc barrel bags such as socks, gloves, or other types of impromptu blocking devices are not allowed.
- Barrel bags are available for sale for $8.00 each if needed at game registration.

Uniform Requirements:

- No uniform or gear requirements will be enforced for this event.
- Players are advised to wear clothing that can get dirty.
- Good footwear is recommended.

Engagement Limits:

~ 0.01j - 1.07j - Arms Length Engagement.
~ 1.08j - 1.49j - 20 Foot Engagement.
~ 1.50j - 2.32j - 50 Foot Engagement (Permanent Semi-Auto or Bolt Action Replicas Only)
~ 2.33j - 2.69j - 100 Foot Engagement (Bolt Action Replicas Only)
~ 2.7j+ - Prohibited Under All Circumstances.

- Velocities will be measured using the weight of BB being used.

* This game, along with all business hours and related information is subject to change in accordance with local, state, or federal regulations. Please watch for updates.
Michigan Commerce - Airsoft Guns Allowed / Re: WTS G&G Top Tech GR16-A3
« Last post by hirschbergt on November 20, 2023, 06:25:37 AM »
Bump. Reduced down to $250! Any takers?
Michigan Commerce - Airsoft Guns Allowed / Re: WTS G&G Top Tech GR16-A3
« Last post by hirschbergt on November 18, 2023, 05:51:52 AM »
Bump. Reduced to $300. Iíll throw in a quality Rhino 7.4 LiPo battery for free!
Bump! 450 takes the rest!
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