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I think that may be part of the problem is confusion about what that style of event is like, and as mentioned could be hosts using terms incorrectly or differently. I know for certain that what MSW does, compared to Lion Claws are completely different critters. Only common in the sense guys are shooting airsoft at one another. But if I didn't know the difference and knew approximately what to expect from Lion Claws and showed up at MSW it would be a shock to the system.

I think to that end it would be great to get more information out there, or as much as possible. That way guys know the serious level of preparation and gear that will be required. And maybe even host a lightweight version in the case of Mosin/Mike giving guys a little taste to see if it's something they want to jump into a full experience of. IE host a beginner game of some sort, bring some of the elements together to insure guys are up to the full boat experience, and require guys to go through that before signing up to a full fledged event. That should insure less players leaving during the course of the game.

May not be an answer but if it were me I'd give it a shot I think and see how it shook out.

Take care!

Commerce - Airsoft Guns Allowed / Re: Infantry's buying a house sale!
« Last post by Yutani-313 on September 21, 2017, 11:58:05 PM »
Is that CYMA AKSU TM or VFC-spec?
Forum News / Social login
« Last post by luke213 on September 21, 2017, 11:56:23 PM »
So guys I enabled a function tonight where you can tie your MIA account to your google or facebook account. Allowing you to login with either one directly to your MIA account. So if you're on your phone logged into facebook or google you can click login in the browser and use those credentials to login. You can also register accounts that way as well.

If you've already got an account you can go to your profile and add them to your existing account as another way to login. Basically it's using those sites for authentication. Very much the same as allot of places are using these days, but it gives you another easy option to register and use the site without keeping another password.

Keep me posted if you run into any issues at all with it.

Take care!

My response wasn't focused on milsim, really - I was only using those events as examples as to what's been happening in the community as of late. The overarching theme I've been following regardless of whether or not it's a rec game or a 24-hour milsim is that the new blood is not getting the support it needs and that's why things are stagnating. Of course people like Pagan deserve those good turnouts, but when they're the only people getting these turnouts despite the number of players in the community it's not healthy.

I can understand that people are not interested in milsim, and that's fine by me. I'm going to keep attending milsim events until I eventually either grow tired with airsoft or I die. My sole issue with milsim in Michigan however stems directly from the attitude that I witnessed during Fading Light, The Bastards' most recent 24-hour event. The lack of conviction and respect for the atmosphere of the game was palpable enough that Mosin made his events invite-only from now on because he can't trust the bulk of MIA players to play by the spirit of the game. It was really bad.

I have a serious feeling that Lion Claws and AMS have irreparably damaged the "milsim" brand as a whole across the country, and that's why more serious games are not respected enough and generally flop as a result.
Airsoft Discussion / Re: State of the community and ideas to improve MIA going forward.
« Last post by luke213 on September 21, 2017, 10:46:29 PM »
So I think you're completely right in your view, however I draw a different conclusion;) I think as a whole airsoft will always been a different hobby than allot of different hobbies. In the sense that there is allot of diversity in what guys get out of the game and the level of interaction with it. In other words, you're going to have more casual players, and serious players and everything in between. I'd say most players are in the middle, just by the odds. And those players may attend a rec game, then maybe do a milsim or scenario style game but might not do a hardcore milsim style game. Or they may find it's not for them, or on the other hand they may find out it's just what they are looking for.

But the biggest thing from my perspective is that milsim isn't going to be for everyone, it's just not. I know guys who play very casually and just wouldn't do milsim. They might see the barrier of entry to a scenario game as too high. New players especially often need to feel out the waters and see if they enjoy it before committing time and money. As well they may decide they like a casual game or both.

So at least from my point of view, I think milsim is awesome but even myself at least now it's not really for me. I prefer something of a milsim lite, I get to sleep in my own bed situation. And I have a hard time dedicating two days on a weekend to anything let alone airsoft. Often I work 7 days a week in the shop and free time is with the wife and kids and it's seldom. My point in saying all of this though is be careful not to exclude players, in the sense that someday they may have the time or interest in milsim even if it's not right for them or they aren't able/ready today to go do it.

I think as a community we need to be inclusive, of all the different ways of playing airsoft. And I think the same goes for hosts, the players are there, or will be if enough guys have an interest in a particular type of game. Good or bad, if milsim doesn't take off in Michigan I don't think it will be for lack of trying and I completely understand. But if it doesn't then there isn't enough players interested, it's not right or wrong just not the way they want to play etc.

Using Pagan as an example since he was mentioned I will say Jeremy has been doing hosting a long time, and he's built a reputation as a good host. That's going to hold weight over a new host, and it should because he's put in the time, effort and money to make his name. With newer groups/hosts they are going to have to draw in players their own way and put forth the work as well. And if they are hosting games guys want to play then they'll go.

I know it's frustrating to put a ton of time, effort and money into something you love and not have it pan out. And I'm not saying milsim is that way in Michigan, I don't honestly think it is. I think it's on the upswing, but I also think it's going to take allot more time and effort before it becomes even more popular. Good or bad I just think that's where allot of guys are at the moment.

As for the whole community though I think we all need to be inclusive and keep in mind that we dress up and run around shooting each other with BB's. And at the end of the day it's a hell of allot of fun no matter how you prefer to do that. Supporting hosts with game styles you like, will drive the game in that direction. If there are enough guys to push things one way or the other it'll be what it is. Even in my area I seldom host rec style games, I do more of a milsim lite or scenario style game. Most of the other play is more of a rec or pickup game. It's not a bad thing, we both coexist just fine. I go and play pickup games because it's fun, and I host scenario's here as time permits. Works out fine and there is an absolute ton of cross over players that do exactly the same thing and play both styles/places.

So just an idea of another way to look at things, and for everyone reading this do keep in mind the majority of guys that host games don't make money doing it. They do it because they love airsoft to some degree or another. So next game go shake their hand and tell them thanks for taking time away from their life/family to do something you get to enjoy;)

I figured I'd make a comment here since I made the original post that brought all of this to light.

For something of an introduction, I've been playing airsoft for MAYBE three years. As far as MIA goes I'm as green as grass compared to most folks. However in that brief time I've gone from a total newb to a rather seasoned MSW veteran and a fairly active member of RR Metro Detroit, one of the newer chapters of The Rushing Russians. My climb to said status was not pure happenstance however - ever since I bought my first LBE, an oldgen M81 Arktis chest rig, I've been hungry for the thrill of milsim. Before I finally dipped my toes into airsoft I used to spend an unhealthy amount of time watching old scoutthedoggie videos and early MSW videos from 2014. It was something that, while at the time only a dream, I knew I wanted to do someday and do regularly. The intensity of events like MSW's Crimean Crisis video series was something I thought about while at school on a pretty obsessive basis.

One of the first events I attended was one of SK's rec games at No Limits. It's a pretty bog-standard first time thing to do, but it left a fairly noticeable impression on me at the time. Everybody was very friendly, the rules were clear and concise and I had no problem making acquaintances on the field. I enjoyed myself quite a lot. Eventually I would go on to meet a few of the RR313 guys while they were still known as Spetsgruppa Snegurochka at an event at Hell's Survivors during winter, and the rest is history. The one thing I remember the most, however, is how welcoming everybody was at that game. I didn't feel alienated even though I barely knew anybody, I felt I could just play without any reservations.

I was 20 years old then, barely an adult. Now I'm 24, I'm nearing the end of my time in college, and I've got to say that even in that brief span of time I've noticed that the friendliness, the warmth from that first game I attended has more or less evaporated from most places. Most rec games that I attend, which there are few these days, there's some level of conflict, and at the small events that I do bother attending when I'm not burned out there's always a palpable tension between two teams that usually erupts in on-field shouting matches and bad behavior.

To be frank, the community that I came into when I first began playing is either dying or has completely subsumed to an entirely different atmosphere, one of which I can imagine is a lot less comfortable for new players to get into and not anywhere as enjoyable for older players to care about. Perhaps that day was a fluke and I got a good day, but what I experience now is nothing compared to that.

A lot of people likely know me for my rather vitriolic and inciting comments on the MIA Facebook group, and through my chapter's aggressive presence during play. While I will apologize for my more insidious and purposely detracting commentary, what I won't apologize for is the very scalding criticisms I've left of the community in the last year or so. To be frank, I've gotten pretty fed up with how unenthusiastic and complacent players have become with the dire situation in our state. Our "milsim" scene seemed to be solely dominated by overpriced, glorified rec games in Blacksheep and Lion Claws before they were run out of the state, leaving us with nothing because interest in more serious local events dried up in favor of events whose saving grace are their expansive AOs. Now, besides The Bastards' 24-hour milsim series which are now closed to the public, there is virtually no milsim in Michigan. 'Scenario' events, which seem to be very prevalent in the lower peninsula, are NOT milsim - they're rec games with longer objective times. They are popular, I feel, because they're arguably less demanding than milsims and Michigan players have decidedly lost their conviction in engaging themselves on the field for longer than two hours at a time.

The playerbase, to keep it short, has failed local event hosts in a remarkable fashion. Because there's no sense of community among players, there's no sense of dedication to each other, so support for local events dries up and instead goes to national-level hosts who don't care about the local community they're damaging, which in turn embitters more players like myself to stop taking part, and the cycle repeats itself.

The easiest and first solution to this problem is to fiercely support new hosts and new fields.

The reality is that newer fields like 82nd and MCA do not get the turnouts that they need to survive. MCA is open every weekend and is only $15 for registration yet when they host and promote events like Graham's MiniSim series no more than 40 tend to show up. The Bastards have hosted rec games several times at Lone Wolf Paintball and yet each time there was no more than 30 players, yet whenever SK hosts at Action Paintball there's a healthy amount of 60-80 players each time. There seems to be a predisposed bias towards "established" hosts and no interest in supporting ones that need it to establish themselves, which is why players end up going to the same fields and playing the same games every year.

When players do attend new events and new fields, they act immaturely when things don't go their way. The Bastards' Fading Light was a 24-hour milsim in the vein of MSW, meaning that there are not a chain of "objectives" to pursue for no real reason other than filling time - it's immersion-based. When it came to the NATO side being regularly defeated during key conflicts due to lack of awareness and readiness, they became embittered and a large majority of them left the event before the night even came. Some even ordered food to the AO, shattering the 'immersion' aspect entirely. At the end of the event only 10 of them remained. A number of them made very unjustifiable and weak complaints in the Facebook group, which coupled with the bad attitude and lack of preparedness on the players' behalves during the event led to Mosin closing his 24-hour series to the public. During Graham's MiniSim: Facing Worlds a number of players on the green side were incredibly hostile towards tan team when they were consistently outmaneuvered and defeated on objectives, some of which were routinely ignore calling obvious hits and breaking rules of engagement.

Overall, there needs to be a SERIOUS step up behavior-wise from the players, and there needs to be a stronger conviction from the community to support new hosts and new fields. Without those people putting themselves out there to help grow the community, it will continue to stagnate and eventually wither and die.

GAS / Re: KWA LM4 as first GBB gun
« Last post by luke213 on September 21, 2017, 10:16:48 PM »
I'm curious about this also. I've got zero gbb rifle experience and have stayed away because of weather issues. But I'm curious how the newer stuff does in our climate.


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Off Topic / Re: What do you do for a living?
« Last post by darcness on September 21, 2017, 08:21:16 PM »
I work at FedEx Ground as a technician.  It's basically like skilled trades but we aren't unionized so we don't specialize.  We have a team of 6 guys who keep the terminal running 24/7 and do everything from building maintenance to repairing the automated scan tunnels.  When some one asks me what I do I say "all of the above" and it's the truth.  I've been with the company now for 15 years.  Started as a package handler, then admin, then service manager, and then into being a tech.  Promoted 3 times now as a tech so next step is management, but I'm not ready for that yet.  I like my 8 and skate too much!
Commerce - Airsoft Guns Allowed / WTB--JG/TM BAR10
« Last post by Binksiano on September 21, 2017, 08:12:47 PM »
Looking for a vsr10. Don't mind if it's already been tinkered with, just looking for Jing Gong or Tokyo Marui. Royal oak/troy area
GAS / KWA LM4 as first GBB gun
« Last post by Centurion on September 21, 2017, 08:02:23 PM »
I'm quite new to the airsoft scene, only having played a few games with some lower level AEGs. Since it's a bit of a haul to get to any fields (I live in the Tri-City area) I don't play very much except in the summer. I know that GBBRs are best used in the warmer times, and I was wondering if anyone had any first-hand experience with the KWA LM4, in terms of reliability and consistency. I love the idea of having a more realistic platform that can help me train and also have fun. Is this a viable option for me as a beginner, and what cost am I potentially looking at for a full setup?
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