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Airsoft Events / SCN: OP Pushback 4
« Last post by J.Cubed135 on March 20, 2023, 09:13:27 PM »
OP Pushback 4

Date: April 23rd, 2023

Time schedule:
BE ON TIME AND PLAN AHEAD. If you arrive after step off time you will be left behind and unable to join the game.
9:00 am – Gates open
10:00 am – Registration begins
11:15 am – Orientation / briefing
11:30 am – Step off
11:45 am – Game start

*Note: this will be a “private game” for only those who have seen this post or invited otherwise. Anyone is welcome to join as long as you understand the rules and concept of the game and agree to adhere to them.
In order to maintain quality of the game and keep everyone on the same page about the style of game being hosted, I’ll be scheduling this as a private game, so there is an additional fee I will be covering for everyone. Any contribution to help with this will be appreciated and any amount I collect over the fee will go back into future games via props and in-game items (tourniquets, bomb props, etc.). 

Rule set:
All replicas are restricted to semi auto only (no full auto, no burst, no binary, etc.) except for support style replicas used by a real military unit for such purpose (m249, pkm, m60, m240, pkp, etc.). Carbine or rifle based automatic replicas (M27, RPK, Shrike LMG) are allowed if they are configured to their real counterpart and are visually identifiable as such (bipod + optics). If you are unsure if your replica is under this category, PM me and we can discuss. 
Joule limits:
1.5J – *0ft MED
2.0J – 50ft MED, All automatic support replicas have 50ft MED regardless of being above 1.5J or not
2.5J – 100ft MED, DMR Only
3.0J – 150ft MED, Bolt Action Only

Medic, Revive, and Spawning system:
Any player can revive any player with a supplied arm band or the use of a fake tourniquet such as MSW branded tourniquets, up to a maximum of 2 times per life. Reset points will vary and change location based on the area the game is currently taking place in and the objective at the time. These changes will be relayed and explained throughout the game as it evolves and changes. Deaths by pyro or other simulation grenade are an immediate “out” for the players in the vicinity and must return to a reset point and are NOT eligible to be tourniquet revived.

Objectives will vary throughout the day to include the traditional Pushback mode, capturing key points, planting prop bombs, hostage rescue, and VIP escort. Updates on objectives will be explained as the game evolves. The game will have small down times where you will regroup with your team to plan for the next objective and reload, but the game does not stop and we will not return to the staging area. Bring extra batteries, back up replicas, ammo, water, and food to last yourself throughout the day.
Bringing a programmable radio will be a huge benefit to you and your team to be able to communicate. The main theme of this game is teamwork and collaboration.

If you have any additional questions, PM me or find this post on the Michigan Airsoft Facebook Group.
Forum News / Web Server upgrade
« Last post by luke213 on November 08, 2022, 02:52:04 PM »
So just a heads up I made some changes, moved to a new server etc. So if folks noticed in the last half hour or so downtime that's what was going on. If you have any questions or issues just shoot me a PM or email luke213@gmail.com

Take care!

Michigan Commerce - Airsoft Guns Allowed / Re: GBB Pistol Stuff
« Last post by dewittjackn@gmail.com on November 01, 2022, 01:00:49 PM »
Edit: Price dropped to $400.
Michigan Commerce - Airsoft Guns Allowed / GBB Pistol Stuff
« Last post by dewittjackn@gmail.com on October 10, 2022, 04:24:34 PM »
All of the parts, excluding the slide, outer barrel and a few screws to build a completely upgraded HICAPA. This pistol is primarily Airsoft Masterpiece (AM) branded, with a few AIP and UAC parts and a Nine Ball Grip. I?m mainly looking to sell this to have money to put into real steel guns. Asking $400 for the entire lot. I will part off parts if wanted.

AM light-weight blowback unit
AM nozzle
AIP aluminum hammer blocker thingy
AM stainless steel guide rod (5.1)
AM advanced frame
AM steel hammer set (STI 2011 branded)
AIP serrated extended magazine catch
Nine Ball Grip* (missing screw that holds the frame onto the grip)
Stock KJW trigger bar
Stock KJW trigger

I also have a set of miscellaneous GBB parts, most are for Glocks probably, but there is some HICAPA stuff in there. If you buy this as a bundle, I will throw that box of parts in there. If any of this interests you, please just make me an offer by either commenting on this post or emailing me at dewittjackn@gmail.com


Typo, went ahead and made the proper correction.
HITW website says 8/6/22
Event Update!

Don't forget about pre-event camping and the chance for night games at Operation: Outbreak II!
Participants that plan on camping are advised to set up tents and other equipment before dark.

Sunset (Friday, August 5th): 8:57 PM
Hey boys,

Piper from Immortal Airsoft here. I was hoping that some of my OG buddies are still around potentially playing the game still.

I am CO of the green team at OP: Swift Justice 2 in Graniteville, South Carolina on October 21-23 2022.

We have been active playing all over the country the last few years, but haven't played with any of the ol' school MIA brethren since 2016 or so at the steel mill in trenton, mi.

I would love it if some of you would make the pilgrimage to SC and help support your boy for good ol times sake and smash the tan team. We used to decimate OHIO as a large michigan force at the steel mill when we went and at a few of the other events in ohio like muskautuck and the JUCO facility back in 15.

It would be excellent to roll with some of you again.

Get ahold of me if any of you are interested in joining me.


Michigan Commerce - Airsoft Guns Allowed / WTB UMP AEG
« Last post by Victor on June 23, 2022, 11:58:24 PM »
I?m looking to buy a UMP AEG. Let me know what you have and how much you want for it.

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2022 Sunday Walk-On Recreational Games (Open Play Airsoft)
Every Sunday - Rain or Shine

Hole in the Wall Paintball - West Michigan

Hole in the Wall Paintball - 24262 66th Street, Bangor, Michigan 49013
(269) 353-2978

Registration/Chronograph Open: 10:00 AM.
Game Start: 10:00 AM.
Event End: 5:00 PM (Approximately)

- Ages: 14+
- Barrel bags are required for participation and are available for sale at event registration ($7.00 each)
- Full seal goggles required.
- Full face masks available for rent for $5.00 each.
- Mesh goggles, lab safety goggles, or safety glasses will not be permitted under any circumstances.
- No 8mm, Full-Thrust, or Metal BB's are allowed.
- Signature of parent or guardian required for minor participants.
- Walk on payment and registration only.
- Waivers will be available at game registration.

Walk-On Field Fee: $20.00 Per Person (All Transactions Cash Only)
- Bring your own equipment.
- Must have full seal (ANSI Z87.1) rated eye protection.
- Beginner friendly, great for new players. No uniform or gear requirements.
- Play with airsofters from around the region in player organized games.

Rental Package: $40.00 Per Person (All Transactions Cash Only)
- Includes: Admission, replica, full face mask, and one full magazine of BB's.
- Additional BB's beyond the initial rental package must be purchased.
* All rentals are first come, first serve. Please reserve ahead of time, message for details.

- Groups are encouraged to maintain a minimum distance of six feet from others while in the staging area.
- A field capacity limit may be used if required.
* This game, along with all business hours and related information is subject to change in accordance with local, state, or federal regulations. Please watch for updates.

Eye Protection and Barrel Bag Regulations:

- ANSI Z87.1 rated full seal eye protection only, no exceptions.
- ANSI rated, full seal goggles or shooting glasses are permitted.
- 'Full Seal' is defined as a foam band separating the lens of the goggle from the frame portion and the face of the user.
- Mesh goggles, lab safety goggles, safety glasses, etc will not be permitted under any circumstances.
- Lower face protection (Mesh Lowers, Mouth Guards, etc) do not apply to this.
- Barrel Bags are required to have barrel bags for their replicas while in the staging area or parking lot.
- Barrel bags are available for sale for $8.00 each if needed at game registration.

Uniform Requirements:

- No uniform or gear requirements will be enforced for this event.
- Players are advised to wear clothing that can get dirty.
- Good footwear is recommended.

Engagement Limits:

~ 0.01j - 1.07j - Arms Length Engagement.
~ 1.08j - 1.49j - 20 Foot Engagement.
~ 1.50j - 2.32j - 50 Foot Engagement (Permanent Semi-Auto or Bolt Action Only)
~ 2.33j - 2.69j - Bolt Action Replicas Only.
~ 2.7j+ - Prohibited Under All Circumstances.

- Velocities will be measured using the weight of BB being used.
- All replicas will be issued 'chronograph' tags after being registered and measured. These must remain on the replica for the entire event.

* This game, along with all business hours and related information is subject to change in accordance with local, state, or federal regulations. Please watch for updates.
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