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Author Topic: REC game at the 82nd (hosted by the Bastards) 10/7/17  (Read 264 times)


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REC game at the 82nd (hosted by the Bastards) 10/7/17
« on: October 09, 2017, 08:40:20 PM »
Just wanted to post an AAR on the 82nd's field for the REC game this weekend.
Overall, once again, the event ran very well. At first teams were a bit unbalanced but that was due to RR showing up in force and a lot of newer players on the opposing team. After a discussion (thanks Steven J. Smith) with the admins, we did a "school yard" pick-em type of team balance. Worked very well and we had some really good firefights after that.

Player base was once again respectful and I heard of little to no issues with problems on the field. Events rolled off on time and there was basically no idle time waiting for the next round. In fact, I had to sit one out because I'm 38 and I can't run with these young guys as much as I used to.

Honestly this field is only getting better and I hope to see more people come out. I know it's just REC games but it's a field worth being supported. I know there has been some drama lately on the FB page, but don't let that stop you from getting out and supporting this place. It truly deserves it.

Epic play of the day: Getting surrounded by enemies in a small squad vs. squad game. Hid in a foxhole and heard multiple tangos around me. At one point an element of two tangos walked up on me, unaware. Despite my shitty HFC M9 doing it's best to suck it up, I managed to get the drop on, scare the crap out of, and kill one of the tangos before being pinned down and having to surrender. Totally made my day getting a pistol kill.